gamescom 2013

Finding The Fun With Killzone: Shadow Fall's Multiplayer

by Ben Hanson on Aug 23, 2013 at 07:38 AM

Killzone: Shadow Fall is pushing hard to be the multiplayer game of choice at the launch of the PlayStation 4. The team at Guerilla games is bringing back Warzones, but are changing up the formula for Killzone: Shadow Fall's competitive multiplayer. The game features a healthy number of options for customizing a game mode to be exactly as you'd prefer, this customized mode is then uploaded and shared with the rest of the Killzone: Shadow Fall community. These customized "Warzones" can be browsed through, with the development team choosing the most interesting variations to showcase in a featured playlist.

Multiplayer has players customizing loadouts and choosing between the scout, assault, and support classes. During a special hands-on opportunity at Gamescom, Killzone: Shadow Fall's game director Steven ter Heide also detailed plans for "expansion packs" after the game's release this November. There will be ten maps available for multiplayer on the disc, with more on the way. Heide also made the bold promise that "all of our post-launch DLC will be free". I played several rounds of the game and it feels like a solid shooter that will be appreciated during the early life-cycle of the PlayStation 4. Check out our coverage from E3 to learn more about Killzone: Shadow Fall's singleplayer.

Watch the video interview below to have the director of Killzone: Shadow Fall explain the concept of Warzones, talk about his love of emergent gameplay in games like Red Dead Redemption, and share his team's thoughts on Jimmy Fallon's less-than-stellar handling of Killzone: Shadow Fall on television.