Exclusive Dragon Age: Inquisition Screens

by Joe Juba on Aug 09, 2013 at 07:00 AM

You've already seen the E3 trailer and our cover for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Now, we have exclusive images to give you a sense of the people and places you'll see when you take control of the Inquisition.

Click the screens to enlarge.

This shot shows three confirmed party members. Varric (left) and Cassandra (center) both played key roles in Dragon Age II. Vivienne (right) is a new ally; she is a mage from Orlais, and helps players put a face on the conflict between the Templars and the mages.

Here we see a qunari standing before a ruined stronghold. Qunari are not confirmed to be a playable race, but the other three that were available in Origins – human, elf, and dwarf – are definitely options in Inquisition.

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