The Best Video Game Vines To Follow

by Kyle Hilliard on Aug 08, 2013 at 08:00 AM

If you’re unaware, Vine is a new subset of Twitter that, much like its text-based brother, allows users to post very short messages online in the form of videos. As it turns out, video game creators, developers, and publishers can be very creative when it comes to utilizing a visual medium, and these are some of our favorite Vine accounts worth following, with highlights of our favorite videos.

The big three, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, all have dedicated Vine accounts. None have output much yet, but if you want a peek into the behind the scenes of each of its events, Vine is a good place to take a look.




Bethesda Softworks
Bethesda likes to use Vine to tease things. Since its first few ambiguous Vines with burning sunflowers and barbed wire, its Vines have moved onto the more practical display of products and events.

Infinity Ward
As it turns out, a seven second Vine is just enough time to tease things, and the Call of Duty account likes to do just that.

Alternatively, the official Infinity Ward Vine account posts more interesting stuff, like the new internal transportation method in the studios, and video of the actor dog who will be portraying Riley in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Telltale Games
Telltale has been quiet on the Vine front since its Walking Dead: 400 Days teases, but it would be silly to not assume that more seven second clips won’t be coming soon.

Head to page two to see even more Vines from from notable video game industry personalities.

Developers and publishers are nice, but the best Vines comes from people unrestricted by corporate mandates and practices! These people Vine whatever they want, and they’ll say anything! As long as it falls in line with the game’s they’re making or promoting.

Cliff Bleszinski
What is Cliff Blezsinski these days? He’s not making a video game as far as we know, though he has been teasing some kind of creative project. If his Vines are any indication, he’s just being a professional time killer, hanging out with his wife, and defending her from inflatable punching bags.

David Jaffe
David Jaffe is the man behind the original God of War and Twisted Metal. Despite the violent nature of his games, his Vines are usually entertaining sketches involving assorted action figures.

Annette Gonzalez
Former Game Informer associate editor Annette Gonzalez works for Harmonix now, and she Vines about some of our favorite things, like the absurdity of Ride to Hell: Retribution.

Stone Chin
Stone works for Ubisoft, and posts Vines about Assassin's Creed, tips on how to wash your hands in foreign countries and videos of Game Informer editors drinking coffee. His best work, however, is when he showcases the shenanigans that revolve around an office that promotes Assassin’s Creed.

Phil Fish
Phil Fish’s fate in the video game industry is unclear at the moment. He says he has left the industry, and has taken a sabbatical from Twitter, but not from Vine. If you’re looking for a more artistic take on the seven second video service, Fish’s is the feed to watch.

Tim Schafer
It’s not surprising to learn that the unofficial funniest man in the video game industry also offers some of the best Vines. Whether he’s posting peeks into his own brain, creating makeshift Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs karaoke with crosswalk buttons, going on dream dates with himself, or encouraging his daughter to stay inside and play video games all day, he always offers interesting seven second videos.

These are some of our favorite video game Vines, but surely there are some excellent Viners that we’ve missed. Are there any accounts that we’ve overlooked that deserve a follow?