Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior 7/12/13

by Liz Lanier on Jul 12, 2013 at 02:00 PM

The weather in Minneapolis is beautiful— but that will not keep GI's staff from catching up on some much needed gaming time. This weekend, editor picks include several zombie titles: State of Decay, The Last of Us, and The Walking Dead: 400 days. A few will also be replaying Grand Theft Auto IV to curb excitement for the fifth title in the series.

Tim Turi: This weekend I will continue to harvest and speak with the denizens of Scumtown, my Animal Crossing settlement. I also intend to continue scavenging for supplies and clearing out infestations in State of Decay. I’ve had trouble containing my excitement for Grand Theft Auto V, so I started playing GTA IV’s The Ballad of Gay Tony to curb my hunger. So far, so good.

Jeff Marchiafava: This weekend I plan on playing more State of Decay. I’ve only lost one survivor so far – I waited too long to fetch the doctor for poor Ed. How was I supposed to know there was an actual time window for doing the mission? Now I feel bad that I spent all that time scavenging for materials instead of helping my friend, but on the plus side, I’ve got half the materials I need to build a library. Nothing lessens the pain of loss like a good book!

Ben Hanson: This weekend I need to play a certain game for research for an upcoming cover story, but I can't stop watching Game of Thrones on HBO Go. So outside of that, I might continue to play The Last of Us and the excellent State of Decay. There is also a mobile game called Tiny Thief that is really charming and is grabbing my attention, it's a stealth/puzzle game with the level structure of Angry Birds.

Joe Juba: Lately, I've been in the mood for Strategy RPGs. I enjoy the genre a lot, but I sometimes go a year or two without playing one of them. This weekend, I've decided to dive into Disgaea 4, which I've never played before. I loved Disgaea 1 and 2 (and missed 3), so I'm eager to see how the series' transition to the current generation has gone.

Andrew Reiner: My first order of business is to finish off The Walking Dead: 400 Days on Xbox 360. After that, I have no idea what I'm going to play. I've been dying to play a JRPG lately. Maybe I'll give Tales of Xillia a whirl. On the movie front, I'm seeing Pacific Rim tonight. I'm way behind on my comics and will have to fly through at least 15 issues if I want to catch up before next Wednesday's releases.

Mike Futter: I'll be finishing the The Last of Us and probably working on finally finishing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. I feel an RPG kick coming on, and I need to clear the decks. 

Matthew Kato: Due to my excitement for Grand Theft Auto V, I've actually started playing GTA IV again. When I say again, I say that with the caveat that I've never finished a GTA title. I've started many of them – like GTA IV – but never even come close to finishing them. It's like I'm excited for them in principle, but can't carry-through on the execution. Maybe this time will be different, or maybe I'm just not a GTA fan.

Liz Lanier: After finishing The Last of Us, I’ve had a difficult time finding a game to hold my interest. However, like the editors, I’m excited for Grand Theft Auto V. And like Kato, I’ve never completed a GTA game. Time to pop Grand Theft Auto IV back in and give it another try this weekend. If that doesn’t do the trick to get me past the slump after beating The Last of Us, I will be finishing up my playthrough of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney— a title I am finally getting around to.

Let us know what game will have your attention this weekend in the comments.