Runner2 Good Friends Character Pack Impressions

by Bryan Vore on Jul 12, 2013 at 01:30 PM

If you're a fan of Runner2 and several other completely awesome game characters, go ahead and pick this up. Seriously, it's normally only $3 and during the current Steam Summer Sale I've seen it go for $1.49 to $2. Extremely cheap any way you slice it. Console players can't purchase the DLC just yet, but developer Gaijin Games promises it's coming soon to all currently supported platforms. Never played the main game? Read my review and see if it strikes your fancy.

In this pack you get all of the following special guests from other beloved franchises: Josef (Machinarium), Spelunky Guy (Spelunky), Raz (Psychonauts), Dr. Fetus (Super Meat Boy), Quote (Cave Story), and Atlas (Portal 2) [Steam exclusive character]. Additionally, you'll also receive a mysterious invisible version of CommanderVideo (the hero from Runner2 for the uninitiated).

Just like all of the unlockable characters in the main game, none of this lineup has any special powers or alternate stats. Everyone controls the same. It's the unique personalities brought out via the art and animation that set everyone apart. Whether it's Dr. Fetus riding a buzzsaw unicycle, Atlas using the companion cube as a shield, or Raz destroying an obstacle with a big psychic hand. They're all a fun excuse for fans to return to the game and clean up any missing collectibles or for new players to try it out for the first time with one of their favorite heroes from another series.

Invisible CommanderVideo seems to exist only to challenge the hardest of the hardcore Runner2 players. He's not completely invisible. You can still see his white outline. But it makes the game much more difficult. I'm sure it won't be long until we see players posting invisible runs of the nastiest levels on hard difficulty. Most average players, however, will probably appreciate having a character that they can see.

If you're still on the fence, maybe this weird disco video featuring all of the characters will convince you!