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How To Unlock And Use QR Codes In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

by Dan Ryckert on Jul 02, 2013 at 09:55 AM

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been out for almost a month now, so many of you probably already have an expanded house and a variety of shops in your town. Being as time sensitive as the game is, however, there are plenty of more features and surprises to come. One feature that's new to the series is QR codes, which allow you to share your designs with the internet for the purposes of clothing, decoration, and more. In this feature, I'll teach you how to unlock this functionality.

Unlike other tasks that require you to purchase dozens of items, unlocking the QR codes is a fairly straightforward affair. In the back of the Able Sisters clothing store, you may have noticed the quiet Sable sitting at her sewing machine. She isn't the most talkative type at first, but repeated visits will help her open up. After talking to her at least once on ten consecutive days, she'll tell you about the sewing machine in the back of the room. Once she introduces you to this machine, you're free to download and share the entire internet's cache of New Leaf designs.

When you interact with the sewing machine, you'll have the option to scan any New Leaf QR code you find. A simple scan of the above image will grant you with this Super Meat Boy design, which can easily be put on wallpaper, a shirt, or even randomly on the grass in your town. If you've made a design that you're particularly proud of, the machine will also allow you to generate your own QR code to share with friends or post to the internet.

Once you've unlocked the sewing machine, there are plenty of resources for new outfits and designs:

QR Crossing

Animal Crossing Closet

New Leaf Fashion

Code Crossing (different sections for shirts, dresses, costumes, headgear, and outdoor paths)

Bido of Crossing (dresses, flag designs, etc)

Dresses based on Disney Princesses and other female characters

QR MyDesign (iPhone app that turns any image into a QR code)

It's as simple as that! Make sure to chat up Sable each and every day for ten days, and it'll open up a wide variety of new design options for your character and town.