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Getting To Know The Shin Megami Tensei IV Cast

by Kimberley Wallace on Jul 01, 2013 at 01:37 PM

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With the July 16 release date of Shin Megami Tensei IV nearing, we wanted to give you a preview of the characters that join you on your quest to help rid the world of demons.

The Gauntlet Rite occurs at the beginning of the games, and these are the characters known as the chosen ones; their fate unmasked with a press of a button. Once embarked on your quest, you recruit various demons to aid you in battle, but every so often one of these characters joins the party as the chaos erupts. Who will become your favorite?


At the beginning, Walter appears in a dream, telling you anything in the world can be changed with will. After the rite, he becomes your roommate, bringing back the eerie memory of your dream... but it's just a coincidence, right? You have more in common with Walter than you think, as you're both "Casualries," growing up without money or any royal means. Walter has a cool demeanor, but he's also very opinionated and often calls you out if he notices your emotions getting in the way of your mission. He's confident and can't stand any hesitation that might cost the group an opportunity to advance the orders given by the samurai. To Walter, the greater good is determined with force and rarely compromise. 


Jonathan also enters your dreams before you meet him, but his request is different than Walter's: He wants you to restore peace in the world. Jonathan is a noble guy and compassionate to boot. He's more understanding than Walter if you have a weak moment, but you won't win his friendship by being greedy or rash. He's meek and sometimes too virtuous for his own good, which can be like having a parent who constantly judges you. Following the nice guy can make you feel better about yourself, but it's not always fun. Jonathan doesn't know what's like to live the life of a Casualrie as he's considered a Luxuror, one of the upper crust. Jonathan is still modest and doesn't go out of his way to be a braggart. An interesting feat for a Luxuror who was chosen as a samurai. 


Isabeau is also a Luxuror, but she's much more neutral than Walter or Jonathan on her chosen path. She's the only female standing in the group, and she's quick to call the guys out when they don't measure up to the task at hand. Her level-headed demeanor not only earns her respect, but makes you feel like she'll never let you down. Isabeau adjusts to circumstances, which makes her a great asset to team. Part of her charm is never knowing what exactly is going on in her mind. Her determination to fight as the chaos grows is admirable, as she doesn't back down when things get rough. 


Navarre is like that jerk from high school who was always told how great they are at everything, and boy does it show. Being a Luxuror, he's fast to assert his superiority over you and his pretentiousness is bound to grind your gears. With Navarre, everything boils down to a contest - one to prove he's better. Prove him wrong? His ego can hardly take it.  But with the future of the world in shambles, is this really the time to be caught up in such superficial games? Navarre is unpredictable, so you who knows whether or not he'd ditch the ego for the greater good. 

What do you think of the upcoming cast?

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