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Live Stream – Ride To Hell: Retribution

by Dan Ryckert on Jun 29, 2013 at 02:32 PM

UPDATE: Missed the stream when it aired live? Check out the archived video here if you've got a good 12 hours to spare.

ORIGINAL STORY: If you've read my recent review of Ride To Hell: Retribution or seen our episode of Test Chamber devoted to it, you know that it's hilariously awful. Halfway through playing the game, I realized that its sheer awfulness needed to be seen by a wider audience than myself and the other GI editors that crowded around to mock it. After talking with some of the staff, we've decided to convene at video editor Jason Oestricher's house to stream it late into Saturday night.

We'll start at 9pm Central, and play until either we fall asleep or you folks get tired of watching this garbage. If the latter happens, we'll have some other options available for streaming (but trust me, Ride To Hell is a gift that keeps on giving). Please click the banner below Saturday night at 9pm Central to join us in celebration of this unbelievable piece of trash.

Note: This is very much an M-rated game, filled with naughty words, sexual situations, drugs, murder, what-have-you. This will also be an after-hours podcast, so the language may be a bit saltier than Replay or other streams from time to time. If you are a small child or don't like hearing bad words, this probably isn't the best way to spend your Saturday night.