First Five Indie Games You Should Buy On Sony's Indie Store

by Ben Reeves on May 07, 2013 at 09:54 AM

Today, Sony announced that it would be adding an Indie category to its online PlayStation store. There have been so many great indie games over the years that there is already a wealth of great gaming content available on the store, but if you've stayed away from the indie scene for the last several years you might not know which games to play. Here is the short list of games you shouldn't miss.

Playing Limbo is like stepping into a dream. Thankfully this boy's nightmarish journey is thrilling as well as thought provoking. Along the way you encounter one puzzling situation after another, each challenging you to think in a new ways, fend off a giant spider, survive encounters with dangerous tribesmen, and play with the world's gravitiy. The whole game presenting in a striking black and white aesthetic that is both foreboding and captivating.

Thatgamecompany is known for delivering artsy gaming experiences with titles such as flOw and Flower. With its last project, Journey, the team set players in a vast desert and had them unlock the secrets of an ancient civilization. Along the way, players encounter other players and have to figure out how to help each other on their journey. With accessible controls and an expansive environment, Journey was a welcome departure from tradition.

Braid is one of the oldest indie titles from this generation, but it's still one of the best. You play as Tim and man who deeply regrets his past and hopes to change his mistakes. Unfortunately, time it's not as easy to rewind time as we'd like. Braid looks like a simple 2D platformer, but it's time based mechanics allow you to rewind and pause time in order to solve a series of clever puzzles that will leave you scratching your head. The game may feature an inviting kid-friendly visual style, but nothing about this game is immature.

Sound Shapes
Sound Shapes is a simple platformer that incorporates music in such a significant way that it feels like a rhythm game, but without the need for all that pesky rhythm. You play as a little ball with a dot on it, sticking to walls and jumping between platforms on a journey to collect notes. As you collect notes, the music grows more complex, building and building until you feel as though you have been instrumental in the creation of a full song that narrates your adventure. The way the music manifests itself around you creates a surprisingly emotional experience.

Pixle Junk Shooter
Contact has been lost with a mining world, and you are sent in to investigate and rescue survivors. Piloting your ship into the planet’s crust, you uncover a planet filled with grand underground reservoirs of water, great lakes of lava, and other strange substances. By shooting loose rock, you can send one liquid or vapor crashing into another, always with a unique result. For instance, water merges with lava to create new breakable ground.The concept is original, the aesthetics are striking, and the game behind it all is a simple, condensed package of fun.

If you've already played these games how about Thomas Was Alone, Blood Dragon, or Guacamelee! Those are all great games that have come out recently. If you still need help finding a game to play, check out our Essential PlayStation Network Game List. Happy gaming!