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Question Of The Month Reader Responses: Issue #241

by Jeff Marchiafava on Apr 30, 2013 at 12:55 PM

In issue 239, we asked readers what game would make them buy a next-gen system. The results were surprising, with Kingdom Hearts 3 winning in a landslide. Here are some of the responses.

Keys To The Kingdom:

  • Kingdom Hearts definitely would make me buy a new system. It's the reason I got my PS2, Gameboy Advance, and my Nintendo DS in the first place. I only bought a PS3 because I assumed KH 3 would be out by now.

    David Bazile
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 would definitely make me buy a next gen console. I've already bought a Nintendo DS and two PSPs to play games of the Kingdom Hearts series. So a next-gen console would be in line with the gradual succession of how much I'm willing to pay to wield a key blade.

    Brian Kramer
  • The only game that I would specifically buy a console to play would be Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Dylan Richards
  • If any game would convince me to buy a next-generation system, it would have to be Kingdom Hearts 3. I've been waiting for that game for years, and it's about time Square Enix gave it to me.

    John Minard
  • The game that would make me blow all my savings on a PS4 would without a doubt be either Kingdom Hearts 3 or an HD Final Fantasy VII

    Galen Turoci
  • Without a doubt, Sony would have to remake Final Fantasy 7 or release Kingdom Hearts 3. Sony's niche was always having exclusive RPGs. Bringing back such a classic or forcing Square Enix to finally release a numbered sequel to KH would easily get next-gen sales.

    Oscar Mejia
  • I know that this doesn't just apply to me but I think that almost every gamer would buy the next PlayStation if a Final Fantasy VII remake or Kingdom Hearts 3 was released.

    Jesse Reyes
  • If Kingdom Hearts 3 came out on a new console, I would definitely buy it!

    Michelle Del’Homme
  • What game would make me buy a next-gen console? Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm tired of all these 1/2 Days, Final Mix, Triple R spinoffs!

    Kyle O’Brien
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 would definitely make me buy a next-gen PlayStation.

    Cameron Tolliver

A Smashing Good Time:

  • I'd buy a WiiU just for the new Super Smash Bros. game. I loved Brawl and Melee, so one naturally has to see if this new game lives up to the legacy.

    Laura Paul
  • I would buy a next-gen console for Smash Bros., Final Fantasy, or an RPG with no magic.

    Nate Lock
  • I would buy a Wii U just for the new Super Smash Bros. That game is so incredibly fun and timeless. My favorite character (who also rules all) is Kirby.

    Bobby Richardson

Keep The Dream Alive:

  • Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance III or Star Wars: Battlefront III. Lets revive some old, but good IPs and hurl them into the twenty-first century!

    Keith Reeves
  • I would buy a next-gen console if they released Star Wars Battlefront 3. Battlefront was my favorite series to play with my dad, but they died with the last generation of consoles. My dad and I both would love to see it brought back with a new installment, and it would provide a good incentive to buy a new system.

    Christian Courtney
  • If Valve had Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode 3 in the Steam Box's launch lineup, I would definitely buy one.

    Seth Lamoreaux
  • An all-new Crash Bandicoot that sticks true the warp room formula and is developed by Naughty Dog. I would pay so much money for that.

    Kira England
  • Call me a dreamer, but my choice is clear: Shenmue 3

    Jon Leza

Looking For Action:

  • If any single game has got me excited for the next generation, it's Destiny. Bungie did an otherworldly job on the Halo series, and I can't even begin to imagine what they'll do with their new game, but I do know this: It's gonna be pretty awesome.

    Henry Thomas
  • Definitely the game I would buy a new console for is Uncharted 4. Being a longtime fan of the series, I have grown to love these games. When Uncharted: Golden Abyss came out for the PS Vita, it made me deeply consider purchasing one just so I could play this game. I also think that with Uncharted's history of incredible graphics and gameplay, it could show off some cool features of the PlayStation 4.

    Walker Borba
  • I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy a next-gen console if a new game in the Red Dead series was released for it.

    Damien Cowger
  • Call of Duty is the only game that will make me buy a next-gen system.  If Xbox is able to use Kinect more with it, that would be great

    James Bonner
  • Halo 5!

    Mike Larsen
  • If Rayman 4 (a true new entry in the Rayman series) was ever announced for one of the next-generation consoles, I would definitely go out and buy that system in a heartbeat.

    Elbin Cenisev

Playing The Role:

  • What game would make me buy a next-gen console? A new Mass Effect. We already know it's coming, now it's just a matter of time until the first teaser. I started this generation on PS3, and got a 360 right before Mass Effect 2 came out. I bought the first Mass Effect along with it, and ended up playing it twice in the week and a half leading up to ME2's release. I'd do anything to return to that universe.

    Dan Conlin
  • Beyond Good and Evil 2 or Jade Empire 2. Both are tremendously overdue.

    Stephanie Elliott
  • The next Fallout game will make me buy a next-gen console.

    Sidney Reese

Not Next-Gen:

  • The Last of Us. It looks amazing, and when GI and other media outlets started revealing details about TLOU, I decided that was worth buying a PS4 for! Most definitely! Wait, what? It's coming out on PS3? Well, I'll wait and get it in a PS4 bundle of some sort. Wait, PS4 is not backwards compatible? Can I change my answer?

    Steve Rush
  • I think the game without a doubt would be Grand Theft Auto V. Looking at the screens and trailers that have been released so far, it looks amazing and seeing that on next-gen hardware – just mouthwatering!

    Tim Joinson
  • A game that I am truly looking forward to is Watch Dogs. The demo last year at E3 introduced a gripping story that I’m itching to see and get my hands on. The main character Aiden Pearce, really reminded me of Finch on the TV show Person of Interest because of the ways he could hack things (such as the stoplight and other phones) with his cell phone. Plus the graphics just look too awesome to be on a PS3.

    James Hustead

What game would you buy a next-gen system to play? Share your pick in the comments below.