Moments: Meeting Andrew Ryan

by Joe Juba on Mar 21, 2013 at 01:53 PM

BioShock Infinite comes out in a matter of days, which means that now is the perfect time reminisce about one of the encounters that established the original BioShock as a legendary game. Warning, spoilers follow (for the original…not Infinite).

From your arrival in Rapture, Andrew Ryan is central figure. Whether it's his introduction to the underwater metropolis, the audio logs lying in the ruins, or other people talking about how he is responsible for the city's downfall, Ryan is clearly at the heart of everything in Rapture.

At the urging of a man named Atlas who guides you over the radio, you attempt to track Ryan down and kill him. However, as you approach his office, some strange pieces of the puzzle begin to line up, and you realize that your purpose in Rapture wasn't what you thought. You didn't coincidentally find the city; you were summoned. You didn't choose to find Andrew Ryan; you obeyed.

As these realizations flood in, Andrew Ryan drives the point home. "A man chooses. A slave obeys," he says, as he proceeds to prove his point in a surprising and brutal fashion.

Ultimately, your first and final meeting with Andrew Ryan culminates in the most memorable swing of a golf club in gaming history. For a full refresher, watch the whole scene below.