Replay – Deadly Creatures

by Dan Ryckert on Mar 02, 2013 at 02:00 AM

One of the most unique Wii titles revolved around a spider, a scorpion, and actors Billy Bob Thornton and the late Dennis Hopper. THQ released Deadly Creatures in 2009 to little fanfare, but many that played it were charmed by its quirkiness. This week, we see if that charm holds up.

Be sure to stick around for the second segment, in which we kick off this year's Super Replay Showdown. If you remember last year's inaugural tournament, you'll remember the rules. Several Game Informer editors (last year had eight entries, this year features ten) get a chance to choose the game that they'd most like to see as our next Super Replay. Then, they all compete in a tournament of random multiplayer gaming challenges to see which editor reigns supreme. Whoever wins the tournament gets to sit in on a full playthrough of the game they chose.

In this first week of the Showdown, you'll get a chance to see what games each of us will be fighting for. Also, I'm totally going to win the whole thing again.

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