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Borderlands Legends Receives Update In This Week's Mobile Lineup

by Kayla Herrera on Feb 12, 2013 at 11:30 AM

From battling robots to Valentine's Day sales, this week's selection of mobile games showcases those with a sense of action and adventure.

Borderlands Legends iOS Update Adds New Features

Developer: 2K Games

Price: $.99

Platforms: iOS

2K Games recently announced an iOS update including new weapons, new enemies, mini bosses, enhanced movement controls and more. For those who already own Borderlands Legends, the update is free. For all others, it is on sale for a limited time for $.99. 

Cypress Inheritance

Developer: Epic Games

Price: $1.99

Platforms: iOS, Android

With impressive graphics presented by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3, Cypress Inheritance puts you in the middle of a puzzling adventure. Explore Cypress Mansion and battle the artificial intelligence to unlock its secrets and find the inheritance. The game is also due to be released on PC and Mac Winter 2013. 

Karateka on Sale for Valentine's Day

Developer: Jason Mechner

Price: $.99

Platforms: iOS

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Jordan Mechner’s Karateka is on sale for just $.99, a price decrease from the original $2.99. Celebrate true love, karate-style, and help Akuma retrieve his true love, Princess Mariko. Karateka is also 50% off on Steam. 

Epic Mech Wars

Developer: Tiny Utopia

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android

Epic Mech Wars is a robot battle app set in a head-to-head battle arena that lets you fight your own robot against other players’ robots in the massive world battle league. The game boasts impressive 3D graphics and an original stereo soundtrack. Robots are fully customizable from rocket packs to weapons to protective armor. 

Domo The Journey

Developer: Horse Feathers LLC

Price: $1.99

Platforms: iOS

Adorable Domo is only gazing at the clouds until Tashanna is kidnapped across a number of different worlds. Collect baseballs for points (and an extra life) and make your way through world after world to save Tashanna in this amusing side-scroller.