test chamber

Test Chamber – The Cave

by Matt Miller on Jan 22, 2013 at 03:01 PM

We dive into Double Fine’s sprawling cavern and offer a glimpse of the opening puzzles of the game.

Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer once worked together on creating adventure games over at Lucas Arts. That makes The Cave something special; the first project from Gilbert since he joined Schafer’s team at Double Fine. 

The new game innovates on the adventure game formula through simple 2D platforming, the absence of an inventory, and plenty of in-game narration, but still manages to feel like a classic adventure game, filled with humor and clever puzzles. Even so, some backtracking and confusing level layouts can cause frustration. 

Andrew Reiner and I sat down to chat about the game while handing Kyle Hilliard the controller for his first run at the game. Find out if he finds his way to a solution in the video below. 

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