Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior 1/11/13

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 11, 2013 at 01:00 PM

We made a substantial dent during the holiday break in our collective back logs, but it wasn't enough! This weekend we're still playing catch-up on all the amazing games from 2012.

Reiner: For fear of the flu, I'm not going to visit the outside world this weekend. Kelly and I are going to start watching Homeland's second season, which goes against my plans of playing Dragon's Dogma for a second time, but it is something I have to do unless I want Jeff Cork and Bryan Vore to spoil it for me, as they are often discussing it in EVERY room in the GI office. Our plan is to plow through seven or eight episodes. My spare time goes to Anarchy Reigns and my second playthrough of Dragon's Dogma.

Jeff M: I’m still plugging away at Far Cry 3, so most of my free time this weekend will likely be spent crouching in bushes and frantically looking over my shoulder to make sure a tiger isn’t sneaking up on me. In the game, I mean. I definitely won’t be doing that in my backyard.

Kyle: I recently created a word document on my personal computer that keeps a list of all the games I am trying to play through right now. It's gotten that out of hand. Resident Evil 6 and Revelations, New Super Mario Bros. U, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and Far Cry 3, among others, are all on there. I have made significant progress in all of them, but I just haven't gotten around to knocking them out. I'm also looking forward to the third season premiere of Shameless on Sunday, and watching my daughter do cute stuff.

Tim: This weekend I hope to finish up with Dishonored. Haven’t been completely enamored with the game, so it’s turned into a slight grind. I finally got past Amon Hen in Lego Lord of the Rings for the 3DS, which is a very fun version of the game. Simple, but fun. I’m also working through Mega Man 1 on the 3DS, which is always a good time. Ice Man’s stage gave me a hard time for some reason. Those damn flying platforms and magnetic blocks! I’m always playing some Silent Hill 1 at a friend’s house tonight, so that’ll be fun!

Hanson: This weekend I will be traveling and plan on playing more of the special stages in Super Mario 3D Land. I'm horrible at all platformers, but I do not understand anybody that argues that the special stages of this game are superior to the normal stages. They are becoming brutally challenging and, while some stages are new, there is a lot of recycled content. I never play Mario games for the challenge, I play for the creativity, art, and music. But, hey, Mario!