Reader Games Of The Year 2012

by Matthew Kato on Jan 01, 2013 at 09:24 AM

Last year will go down as one of the better years in video games, with titles like Halo 4, Far Cry 3, and The Walking Dead coming out among many others. But before we turn the page on 2012, here's a look at the games that readers voted as their favorites of the year.

Our Reader Games of the Year poll garnered 56,415 respondents, with the two stipulations being people could vote multiple times, and that they didn't have to vote on every category.

Here are the list of winners in each category, but you can also check out the full survey below.

Reader Games of the Year 2012 (GI picks in parentheses if different)

Game of the Year Halo 4 (Mass Effect 3)

Shooter   Borderlands 2 (Halo 4)

RPG   Mass Effect 3

Strategy  XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Fighter   Soulcalibur V (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Sports   FIFA 13

Puzzle   Quantum Conundrum (Fez)

Action Assassin's Creed III (Dishonored)

Platformer   Rayman Origins (handheld) (New Super Mario Bros. U)

Racing   Need for Speed: Most Wanted

MMO Guild Wars 2

Co-op Multiplayer Borderlands 2

Competitive Multiplayer Halo 4

PS3 Exclusive Journey

Xbox 360 Exclusive Halo 4

PC Exclusive Guild Wars 2 (Torchlight II)

Wii Exclusive Mario Party 9 (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Wii U Exclusive New Super Mario Bros. U

Handheld Exclusive Assassin's Creed III: Liberation
(Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward)

Downloadable Exclusive The Walking Dead (Mark of the Ninja)

Mobile Exclusive Angry Birds Star Wars (10000000)

DLC of the Year The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn
(Mass Effect 3: Leviathan)

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