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What Will Make You Switch To Blizzard All-Stars?

by Adam Biessener on Dec 27, 2012 at 03:00 AM

Players of the MOBA/Dota-alike genre are notoriously defensive about their preferred game’s notional superiority. The entire landscape consisted of a handful of titles for years, but more and more games are competing for this enormous player pool every day. What can juggernaut developer/publisher Blizzard do to lure you away from your chosen game?

Assuming the usual sky-high Blizzard level of quality and polish, there are many design decisions and ancillary elements of gameplay that will set Blizzard Dota apart from the competition. Is the presence or absence of denial or even last-hitting a deal-breaker for you, or do you need jungling to be de facto required in competitive play, or are the carry/support/tank roles sacrosanct to you? Does Blizzard need to include a deep persistent progression across games to lure you in, or will you boycott any title with competitive advantages given to longtime players? How important are community features like clans to you?

Or are you just holding out for a console MOBA to jump into the action?

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