Listen To Game Informer's Favorite Songs Of 2012

by Matt Bertz on Dec 21, 2012 at 08:30 AM

Many of the Game Informer staffers share similar passions to our readers outside of video games – whether that be films, television shows, books, comics, tabletop games, or watching clips of creepy people on YouTube. To round out our end of year coverage we decided it would be nice to share our favorite songs of the year with the community. The playlist has a little of everything – catchy hip-hop, thrashing metal riffs, bubbly electro-pop, somber bearded white guys strumming guitars, and anthemic punk songs. Click the links below to check out the Spotify playlists. We hope you enjoy it!  

Game Informer's Favorite Songs of 2012

Note: The web browser playlist shows only 30 songs. To get access to the full list of more than 100 songs, subscribe to the playlist in Spotify.