Fun Android Games To Play During Break

by Jeff Marchiafava on Nov 22, 2012 at 05:05 AM

Need something to pass the time while your turkey is cooking? These Android games are a heck of a lot more fun than listening to your family argue over politics.

Given the backseat status of Android games, many of these titles are also available on iOS. I don't own an iPhone though, so if you want to see if the game is also available on Apple devices, ask Siri or something.

Block Rogue
Sokoban puzzles have been around since the invention of video games, but Block Rogue tops all other push-block puzzle games with randomly generated rooms and evolving gameplay mechanics. The graphics are reminiscent of A Link to the Past, and the narration is pretty cute too.

Bridge Constructor
If you like the old Pontifex bridge-simulation games...well, I don't know how to finish that sentence, because I've never met another person who likes bridge-simulation games. But I do, and Bridge Constructor is a pretty decent mobile version. Why do all of my bridges collapse?!

Total Pool
After playing dozens of mobile pool games, I've finally concluded that Total Pool is my favorite. There are no fancy 3D graphics or lame AI characters, just a top-down view of a table, simple yet responsive controls, and a ton of different game types. Total Pool also has a satisfying unlock tree and the ball physics are great. You're free to laugh at the phrase "ball physics," by the way; I won't judge.

Neuroshima Hex!
Based on the critically acclaimed tactical board game of the same name, Neuroshima Hex tasks you with taking down your opponents' armies with a variety of different soldier and power-up tiles. The game translates wonderfully to touchscreen devices, and plays even faster than its tabletop counterpart.

Greedy Spiders 2
Greedy Spiders 2 seems like your typical mobile offering, but the turn-based gameplay is rooted in strategy, not reflexes. You're tasked with cutting strands of a web to stop a spider from eating trapped flies, and figuring out how to minimize the number of cuts you make is surprisingly challenging.

Dropwords is basically a clone of PopCap's Bookworm spelling game, but seeing as how PopCap still hasn't released Bookworm on Android (seriously, PopCap, let me pay you for this game already!), it's the next best thing. Dropwords rises above the other clones with its myriad options, including the ability to select what dictionary you use, grid size, and a variety of different UI skins.

Spy Mouse
I may or may not have downloaded this game because Spy Mouse's suave hero reminds me of Tom and Jerry's titular rodent. Underneath the polished visuals lies a fun little stealth/action game. You use your finger to lead a mouse around collecting cheese and avoiding cats in over 70 levels.

If you think Spy Mouse is cute, brace yourself for Squids' adorable characters. But don't let the light-hearted tone fool you – Squids is actually an interesting turn-based action/strategy game. Combat consists of catapulting your squids at your enemies. Each creature has different abilities and can be upgraded between levels.

This clever puzzle game tasks you with laying down tracks to deliver colored trains to their respective depots. Things get trickier when solutions require you to merge trains to make new colors and set up elaborate track switching routes to keep everything running smoothly.

War Games: WOPR
I'm not a big fan of tile-matching games, but War Games evolves the basic puzzle formula by pitting you in turn-based battles against AI opponents. Each tile type has a different ability: highlighting rockets drains your opponent's health, while collecting cash signs lets you buy different power-ups. You can also purchase and upgrade a variety of passive bonuses between matches. The War Games license tie-in is totally bizarre, but going up against '80s versions of Matthew Broderick and Dabney Coleman (not to mention hearing the classic "Shall we play a game?" line every time you start the game), evokes a certain amount of nostalgia if you were alive back then. Man, I'm old.

Looking for more fun Android games to play? How do you like them apples? Or these apples? Or those apples over there?