How Bethesda Can Bring Me Back Into Skyrim

by Adam Biessener on Nov 02, 2012 at 11:51 AM

I love Skyrim. Bethesda’s exceptional RPG was my personal 2011 game of the year. After a hundred-plus hours in-game and a year of real time, though, I’ve moved on. Here’s what the DLC the company is teasing can do to convince me to return to the frozen north of Tamriel.

Craft Some New Experiences
In what I’m sure is an indication of a deep character flaw, I am an absolute sucker for using crafting to break a game wide open even if it means hours of grinding out skill points over a forge and bellows. Skyrim scratches that itch like none other. My double-enchanted, super-improved dragonscale armor took basically forever to make, but I’m pretty much invulnerable to anything extant in the world with it on. I’d love the chance to make it even more ridiculously imbalanced, or cosmetically unique, or just something new and interesting to craft. Skyrim’s design makes breaking the game great fun, and more of that would be a powerful lure to get me back in.

Explore The Past
Much of Skyrim, particularly the main quest, hammers home the point that some seriously awesome stuff went down in bygone eras, with dragonborn through history waging war against the eternal foe and the twin tragedies of Dwemer and Falmer playing out across centuries to their ultimate conclusion. Let me step into the past and live those epochal moments myself, and I’m back on board.

Dragon Mounts
So what if it’s the current rumor? Flying free on your own personal dragon would be incredible. Just think about how much damage you could do to a town that annoys you with the guards’ outmoded ideas about “property ownership” and “not fireballing racist Nords in the face.”

Let Us All In
Seriously, guys, a not-insignificant fraction of Skyrim players do it on platforms other than Xbox 360. No offense to the Microsoft crowd, but the rest of us would like to not be treated like second-class citizens this time around.

Xbox 360 Avatar Support
Imagine being able to wear your favorite Halo helmet and have a Companion Cube follow you into the darkest of catacombs!

Haha, just kidding. That would be terrible, like everything involving Xbox avatars.

What does DLC have to do to get you back into a game that came out a year ago?