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Disney/Lucas Mashups We Want To See

by Jeff Cork on Oct 30, 2012 at 12:05 PM

Disney announced today that it was moving to purchase Lucasfilm for about $4 billion. As you know, the studio that George Lucas built includes a variety of prime characters, including Indiana Jones and the cast of the Star Wars films. Those characters still haven't been exploited for all their potential. Fortunately, we're here to help. Take a look at some of our amazing game concepts that blend the best of Disney and Lucasfilm. Disney: You're welcome to use any of these ideas. Call us.

Star Wars + Kingdom Hearts
You want to talk heartless? Darth Vader knows from heartless. The dude cut off his own kid’s hand. He blew up an entire planet. He killed the younglings! Just imagine the shock that Sora and Mickey would experience when they faced off against an actual villain. The bad guy from Tron isn’t even fit to hold Vader’s cape. Aside from adding a few buckles and straps to his iconic outfit, the character doesn’t change much in his transition to the Kingdom Hearts universe. 

Epic Mickey 3: The Power of Max (Plus Two Other Dorks)
Disney and Junction Point like to talk about how unpredictable and wild Oswald can be. What, he kicked over a can of ink one time? Please. Sam’s loyal sidekick (and fellow freelance detective), Max has a gun. He’s so loco that he doesn’t even bother wearing clothes. We’d like to see Max forgo his adventure-gaming roots and show Mickey and Oswald how to deal with an army of broken-down animatronic figures using the power of imagination/bullets.

Indiana Jones and Woody’s Big Hat Day Kinect
Indiana Jones and Woody have a fateful encounter at a local swap meet, when suddenly the wind blows their hats away! What will they ever do? Well, they’ll slide crates around and jump over bales of hay using Kinect’s motion-based controls! Indy can use his whip to access higher areas, while Woody’s tiny body allows him to scamper into ducts, drainpipes, and other tiny spaces. It’s a jump-tastic time for the whole family! Watch out for those lamps!

Howard and Donald the Duck in Quackshot: Birds of a Feather
What do you get when you put Howard the Duck and Donald Duck behind the controls of their very own fighter jet? We don’t know either, but the results can’t be any worse than Howard’s sole movie outing. The game will take a serious look at the toll of war, and Disney will enlist the help of several tier one operatives to tell the best, most respectful story possible — only with ducks.

Where’s My Moisture Vaporator?
OK, so maybe we just want to see young Mark Hamill in a bathtub (that post-Wampa attack water-tank scene didn’t do it for us). Disney has already created a mobile sensation with the fluid-based puzzler Where’s My Water. Imagine how much fluid Star Wars geeks would expel for even a semi-playable Star Wars experience. Look for a cameo from that trash-compactor monster thing, too!