Take Your Horror Gaming To Go This Halloween

by Matt Bertz on Oct 26, 2012 at 12:45 PM

Following on the heels of my lower profile PC/Mac game recommendations for Halloween, I wanted to showcase some iOS/Android games that are also worth the attention of people who enjoy the darkest of holidays. Not all of these games may send you rushing for the light switch, but they all should appeal to fans of the macabre and supernatural.

The Room
Platform: iOS
Publisher: Fireproof Studios
Price: $2.99 (Halloween Sale)

The Room isn’t a horror game per se, but the mood this puzzle game sets suggests that something otherworldly is afoot. As you tinker with the box and delve ever deeper into its mysteries, you begin to hear whispers in the wind and feint heartbeats that send a shiver down your spine. What ancient occult secret waits inside? We highly recommend you find out.

The 7th Guest
Platform: iOS
Publisher: Trilobyte Games
Price: $4.99

The 7th Guest holds a special place in the history of video games. When it released in 1993, its use of live action video and pre-rendered 3D animations made it a cutting edge product. Bill Gates even proclaimed it to be “the new standard in interactive entertainment.” The full-motion video phenomenon eventually dissipated, but my memories of this classic puzzle game are still powerful. As you wander through the haunted mansion owned by dollmaker Henry Stauf, you piece together the mystery of what happened on an ill-fated night when he invited six strangers over with the promise of offering them their “heart’s desire.” No one made it out of the house alive. Can you?

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut
Platform: iOS/Android
Publisher: The Men Who Wear Many Hats
Price: $ .99 (Halloween Sale)

A zombie riff on the PC classic Oregon Trail, this game tasks you with trekking across the post Z-day American countryside. Like its 19th century frontier inspiration, Organ Trail may as well be subtitled “a series of misfortunate events.” Between zombie attacks, car breakdowns, looters, and supply shortages, getting across the country with your entire party surviving is near impossible. Whether you’re a nostalgic survivalist or a zombie fan, this game is worth a look. 

Dark Meadow: The Pact
Platform: iOS/Android
Publisher: Phosphor Games Studio
Price: Free

An older release, the Unreal Engine-powered Dark Meadow still deserves mention for its survival horror vibe. This first-person game puts you in control of a man who awakens in a dilapidated hospital. As you explore the rundown surroundings, you square off against fiends, ghouls, and demons in Infinity Blade-style battles. The frequency of the skirmishes eventually undermines the uneasy atmosphere of the experience, but it’s still worth a look if you feel like slaying monsters that wouldn’t look out of place in a Silent Hill game. 

Murder Room
Platform: iOS/Android
Publisher: Ateam Inc.
Price: Free

You find yourself in a dark room and hear a metallic buzzing noise. When you come to your senses and turn around, you see the origin of that screeching sound – a man wearing a pig’s head is wielding a chainsaw to cut into what looks to be the body of a dead girl. Time to get the hell out of here! From here you need to explore the room to figure out an exit strategy without alerting the madman to your presence. The logic of when you can interact with certain items is maddening, but the thrill of the escape makes this free download worth checking out.