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reader discussion

What Position Do You Assume For Gaming?

by O'Dell Harmon on Oct 08, 2012 at 11:28 AM

As gamers, we all have diverse styles of play when it comes to different genres. Some of us like to go in guns blazing, while others decide to be more tactical. The fighting elite prefer well-executed combos when other people like to button-mash and hope for the best. Every gamer has their own unique style of play depending on the genre, but what about when it comes to gaming positions? 

I personally have four distinct sitting styles depending on what type of game I’m playing. Think about it: Do you ever have to change your sitting arrangements to accommodate the game you’re playing?

The Standard: As the name implies, this is the most common way I sit. Typically I’m in a chair or the couch, with my feet on the floor and a slight lean in my back. Used for adventure, RPGs, and platforming games. 

The Relaxed: This involves the comfort of my bed, fluffy couch, hammock, etc. This is where I can prop my feet up then zone out from the distractions of the world and really enjoy the game I’m playing. Used for portable gaming, replays, and the occasional sick day. 

The Algebra: That moment when I have to sit at the edge of my seat with my back at an acute angle, arms perpendicular to my waist, and a perfect 90 degree angle is somewhere in the room. This is only during competitive online matches, the start of a comeback, and that 25th try on a boss I refuse to lose to again.

The Vertical: Sometimes I just have to stand up. When I’m playing Guitar Hero there is absolutely no way I can play sitting down, or it will throw off my mojo and beer bottles start flying my way. In many fighters, if I am using the controller the vertical never fails to give me a higher chance of victory. Used for party games, music, and serious fighting games. 

Those are some of my styles that I used when it comes to gaming, but what about you? Do you follow any of these gaming positions for shooters or puzzle games? Or do you have some of your own super-special sitting techniques to give you that extra edge?