The PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Roster

by Jeff Marchiafava on Sep 28, 2012 at 01:00 PM

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale pits Sony's classic characters against each other in winner-takes-all brawls. Here's a round-up of the confirmed characters of Sony's star-studded fighter, along with the characters we hope will be in the game. We will update the list as Sony reveals more characters.

Confirmed Characters

Here are the final 20 characters that Sony confirmed will be in the game when it ships in November.

Nariko: It appears as though Nariko from Heavenly Sword can use the huge hand-cannons featured in her source game, as well as call on her adopted sister Kai for help.

Sir Daniel Fortesque: Sir Daniel of MediEvil fame has been rumored for some time, and his appearance was confirmed at PAX 2012.

Raiden: A combo-based character proficient with his sword. His level 3 super puts opponents in a box!

Evil Cole MacGrath: Cole's evil side can shoot fire and electricity at his opponents. He can also suck AP, too!

Ratchet and Clank: Ratchet and Clank have been a presumed cast members of All-Stars for quite some time, but now their appearance has been confirmed. The two will apparently function as one character, much like Jak and Daxter.

Sackboy: Sackboy is another character we have long assumed would show up, but now we know for sure that LittleBigPlanet's adorable mascot will be around to fight.

Dante: The new version of Dante from the upcoming Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory is the Dante that will appear in All-Stars. If you want to play as the original Dante, you will have to stick to Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Spike: Spike is a slightly more obscure character. He was the star of the Ape Escape games, a series we haven't seen in awhile. Presumably, the apes will play some kind of role in Spike's combat mechanics.

Jak and Daxter: Jak and Daxter work as a team. They are a very long range team. Jak has access to a range of weapons and will be able to transform into his Light (seen above) and Dark Jak forms as well.

Cole MacGrath: Infamous’ parkour master looks like a very versatile fighter. Cole will feature an array of lighting attacks; we watched him throw lightening grenades, blast other characters with ice spikes, and unleash a devastating tornado. It looks like you will be playing exclusively as the good version of Cole form Infamous 2, unless there is a swappable skin of some kind.

Heihachi Mishima: Heihachi is arguably Tekken's most recognizable character. He appeared as a guest character on the PlayStation 2 version of Soul Calibur 2, and clearly that wasn't enough for him. In a game like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, it's much more fun to see characters who typically aren't in fighting games making an appearance, but Heihachi feels like he belongs here.

Toro Inoue: If Toro isn't immediately recognizable to you, that's because he helps out with Sony marketing Japan. We don't see a whole lot of him over here in North America, which makes his inclusion in the game one of the more interesting additions.

Nathan Drake: The Uncharted hero brings his trademark half-tuck to the arena, along with attacks that incorporate explosive propane tanks, sarcophagi, and more. He's one of the most agile characters in the game, which should come as no surprise after all these years of seeing him scurry up walls and cliffsides. 

Big Daddy: BioShock fans can step into the heavy boots of one of this generation's most memorable character types in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. He's slow, but strong, and he can call on the Little Sisters to take care of business.

Kratos: The God of War was among the first characters confirmed for Battle Royale, and given his illustrious career killing pretty much every notable character in Greek mythology, we're not surprised. We can't wait to see Kratos rip off PaRappa's head.

Fat Princess: Sony's confectionary-loving royalty was the last character we expected to see in Battle Royale, but she's confirmed to be on the roster. We're not sure what her special moves will be, but we wouldn't stand between her and a piece of cake.

Sly Cooper: We're not sure how much Sly's stealth skills will come in handy, but he's been confirmed for Battle Royale nonetheless. At the very least, he can thwump his enemies with his pimp cane.

Sweet Tooth: Sweet Tooth is no stranger to chaotic free-for-alls, so he'll fit right in with Sony's other contenders. His superior firepower and sadistic nature may even make him a favorite.

PaRappa the Rapper: Has Sony already run out of characters to include? Maybe PaRappa can dazzle his opponents with his rapping skills, but we're still considering PaRappa an underdog (pun most definitely intended).

Radec: Killzone's Helghast leader wouldn't be our first pick for a cartoony brawler, but at least we know he's got some fighting skills. In Killzone 2, Radec had a machine gun, combat knife, and two varieties of grenade at his disposal, so we're guessing he'll be well-equipped for a fight.

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Characters We Want
While it seems inevitable that characters like Ratchet and Clank will end up in Battle Royale, Sony has plenty of less obvious characters it could revive for its newly announced fighter. The Game Informer staff dug deep into the PlayStation library for more characters we'd like to see included in Battle Royale, even if some of them are utterly ridiculous.

Crash Bandicoot: While it would be a third-party inclusion at this point, a Sony All-Stars game wouldn't be complete without the Playstation's first unofficial mascot. It only makes sense that he would have his Wumpa Fruit Bazooka from Crash Bandicoot 3 and that his ultimate attack would involve putting on the Aku-Aku mask for invincibility. Crash, we miss you. Come back.

Nathan Drake: Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. has a legendary stable of fighters, but it’s a little low on sex appeal (unless you’re attracted to Bowser, you pervert!). Uncharted's Nathan Drake is not only good with his fists, he’s acrobatic, and his Rugged Handsomeness stats are already buffed to the max. Sony, this game cannot ship without the inclusion of Mr. Half-Tuck.

Spyro: We're hoping Insomniac's little purple dragon makes an appearance in the game. This scrappy little guy's flame breath, projectile fireballs, charge attack, and glide ability could give him the ability to expertly control fighting space. Plus, he's adorable.

Sephiroth: The Final Fantasy series may have gone multiplatform, but the terrifying villain from Final Fantasy VII remains Sony-exclusive. Fans can already use Sephiroth to slash away at other Final Fantasy characters in the Dissidia games, but that sword is huge – certainly long enough to hack through some additional franchises.

Master McDonnell Miller: Since Solid Snake was already used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sony fans will have to settle for the next best thing: Master McDonnell Miller from Metal Gear Solid. He could use his knowledge of "flora and fauna" to devastating effects, like unleashing a swarm of Alaskan rats with exclamation points above their head. His ultimate attack would consist of him asking if you liked his sunglasses before he reveals his less interesting secret identity.

Rau Utu (Mark of Kri/Rise of the Kasai): Rau's ability to take on multiple foes from all sides will surely come in handy, as will his brutal prowess with a long-range bow, close-quarters sword, and area-attack staff. Perhaps there could also be an opportunity to use Kuzo, Rau's recon bird/spirit guide.

UmJammer Lammy: We already know that PaRappa’s in the game, so why not his rockin’ female counterpart? While PaRappa’s mic skills are unparalleled, there’s nothing more dangerous than a woman with an axe. Forget fatalities, Lammy will set her guitar to kill and smite her enemies with a wicked guitar solo.


Sackboy: LittleBigPlanet's canvas-clad protagonist is branching out into kart racing, so why shouldn't he kick a little mascot butt in Sony's fighter too? He's got plenty of power-ups like the Grappling Hook, Grabinator, and Creatinator to assist him in battle, but we'd prefer it if the player using Sackboy had to hastily create contraptions to best his opponents instead. 

Sir Daniel Fortesque: MediEvil is one of Sony’s most neglected franchises, so the inclusion of Sir Daniel isn’t a lock by any means. Still, his oddball physical humor, gangly skeletal animations, and focus on pure hack n’ slash swordplay would make him a good addition to the roster.

Spike and Specter: Sony’s Ape Escape isn’t as well-remembered as its trio of PS2 platformers (Jak and Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and Sly Cooper), but its goofy, inspired gameplay is as good as it gets in the genre. Spike, the anime-haired hero of the first game, would be a great inclusion in PlayStation All-Stars. With Spike, you’ll get a host of his amazing gadgets to use and villain Specter could wield the power of a dozen of mind-controlled monkeys.

Rascal: First on the list of a Sony dream team would have to be Rascal. You would have to include the lovable, raygun-toting, spunky kid from the Playstation One platformer. On second thought, maybe you wouldn't.

Dragon From Lair: Remember Lair? The early PS3 title that required players to control a dragon by tilting their sixaxis controller? Maybe this is the perfect opportunity for Sony to test out the franchise again. Dragons would be great playable characters. They're strong, fast, and they breathe fire. Sure, they only respond to every third button press, which makes them a challenge to control, but they could take to the skies and perform bombing runs against every other player on the field. They're also ten times larger than any other announced character. How do fighting games work again? 

Downhill Domination racers: There are a few forgettable cyclists to choose from in this underappreciated racer from the last generation of consoles, but it's not the personalities from the game we would like to see in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. We just want to see an acknowledgement from Sony that this franchise is still on its radar. Also, we like the idea of seeing one of the fighters bunny-hopping back and forth on a bike for his or her idle animation.

Lemmings: A quick perusal of a list of Sony-owned properties reveals that the publisher retains the rights to the classic puzzle game Lemmings. That early '90s franchise required players to guide those hapless rodents through elaborate death traps as they sheepishly try to walk to their doom. How would this kind of gameplay transfer over to a fighting title? We have no idea. But Lemmings are cute and the idea is so absurd that we want to see it happen.

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