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Where Are They Now?

by Matthew Kato on Sep 27, 2012 at 10:31 AM

There is a lot of excitement for this holiday's games and what's coming early next year, but there are also a number of titles that we've been clamoring for whose release dates are not as certain. We take a look at some of these titles and their chances of coming out in the near future.

New consoles may be coming, but there is still some unfinished business with the titles that have already been announced, which we're still waiting to play. The new systems may lead to some of these games coming out later than originally expected as they are switched over to the next Xbox and/or PlayStation, while some may be the last hurrah for the current platforms.

As long as they come out sometime, we don't care.

Rainbow Six: Patriots (Ubisoft)
Since our cover story a year ago, the game's development team has been in turmoil, including the loss of the original creative director and other developers high up on the totem pole. While the game (above) remains slated for 2013, we're not hearing anything about the title. This, coupled with the fact that historically Ubisoft has no qualms about delaying games if necessary, leads us to believe that we won't be seeing or hearing about this game any time soon. A statement sent to us from Ubisoft the other day read: "Ubisoft is continuing to develop Rainbow Six: Patriots and we will share more in the future."

Bungie's Title (Activision)
According to contract documents unsealed in the midst of Activision's dispute with former Infinity Ward developers Jason West and Vince Zampella (more on them below), it's come to light that Bungie has a four-game deal with the publisher for an action/sci-fi shooter series codenamed Destiny, which will start in the fall of 2013 and continue every other year. Given Bungie's airtight secrecy, it's unlikely we'll anything more than this about Destiny for a while.

The Elder Scrolls Online (Bethesda)

Fans have been waiting for this game ever since Zenimax Online Studios was formed in 2007. The Elder Scrolls Online has been in development for five years, but MMOs aren't easy to build – especially an undertaking like this one. Bethesda says that the game is still expected for 2013, but we imagine it won't hit until later in the year. Hopefully news of a beta comes soon.

XCOM (2K Games)
It's easy to forget about that other XCOM game – the one that was announced first from 2K Marin. After backlash that the FPS wasn't strategic like the original, the developer decided to go back to the drawing board. A 2K spokesperson told us that the game is still alive and in development, but didn't offer a specific release date/timeframe.

The Last Guardian (Sony)
Although it seems like every time you hear about this game, the development team is losing another member or something ominous-sounding is happening, rest assured, a Sony representative recently told us the game is still very much in development despite the turmoil.

Keep reading for more titles we hope to see soon!

Respawn Entertainment's Title (Electronic Arts)
Ex-Infinity Ward developers Jason West and Vince Zampella were at Electronic Arts' press conference at E3 this year in body only, and there's little to suspect that the studio's first game will come out any time soon. Respawn looks like it's currently still aggressively hiring when it's not putting out blurry teaser images (above) for its sci-fi title.

Ryse (Crytek)
This Kinect action title aimed at the hardcore masses has been MIA since it was unveiled under its new name at E3 2011. Even the game's website has been dark since that time, leading us to believe that Ryse is still a ways off. We wager that the game will resurface at E3 2013 as a playable product.

Retro's Wii U Title (Nintendo)
The Metroid Prime studio is currently working on a game for Nintendo's upcoming console that is in the words of a source at the studio, "a project everyone wants us to do." What this game is, however, nobody knows. Obviously, the title is not in the system's launch window through March of 2013, so it seems unlikely that we'd see this game until the end of 2013, at the earliest.

Rage 2 & Doom 4 (Bethesda)
Rage 2 exists, but id Software's John Carmack said in his keynote at QuakeCon 2012 in August that the team isn't going to work on it in earnest until after Doom 4. As for when that particular game will be ready, Carmack only said that it will be done when it's done.

Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar Games)

The release date of GTA V is as closely watched by financial analysts as it is by gamers. If the company doesn't release the game by March of next year, parent company Take-Two Interactive will have a huge hole in its financials. While March may sound like a doomsday deadline, Rockstar isn't the kind of studio to rush something out until it's ready. Given that the company has been trickling screenshots out in the past few months, the only safe bet is that the game will come out sometime in 2013.