Discover Fantasy Flight Games

by Matt Miller on Sep 06, 2012 at 12:34 PM

Even in the face of the growing prominence of video games and other form of digital entertainment, it may come as a surprise that the world of tabletop gaming continues to expand. Look no further than Fantasy Flight Games, a leading publisher of board, card, dice, and role-playing games; the company has seen skyrocketing growth over the last decade as friends and families seek opportunities to connect across the table – laughing, strategizing, and playing a new wave of complex interactive tabletop games. 

We visited the Fantasy Flight headquarters in Roseville, MN to learn more about the company, and how hobby gaming continues to find a place in the ever-changing entertainment landscape. Check out our video profile tour in the video below, watch our dedicated preview of Descent: Second Edition, and share your thoughts and experiences with hobby gaming in the comments below. 

For more on Fantasy Flight, be sure to read our feature in the October issue (#234).