pax 2012

Seen At PAX 2012: Day Two

by Tim Turi on Sep 01, 2012 at 06:00 PM

We continue our look at the sheer mayhem that is PAX Prime 2012. The second day is filled with break-dancing zombies, excellent cosplayers, more general sights from the show, and some surprises.

These undead hooligans were there to greet me at the Seattle Convention Center.

Sony fans gather to check out Sackboy's adventures behind the wheel. Ever wonder how he was able to hold the pen in order to sign for his driver's license?

I believe Star Trek Katan is the brother of Chris Kattan. I should check IMDB, though.

For some reason this guy decided to stand on the only patch of ice at PAX. Dude, floor is fine like two feet from you. Whatever.

A hungry Kingdom Hearts cosplayer abandons his keyblade to shove a burrito into his face. Just like in the games... (Update: that sword is actually from Xenoblade Chronicles)

These guys were absolutely rocking a soulful iteration of the main theme from Super Mario 64. I dug it.

Why is there a T-Rex in the Batcave?

These Mass Effect cosplayers knocked my socks off.

Tons of cool t-shirt designs are for sale at PAX.

Someone made a new SNES game, cartridge and all.

It's called Offspring Fling, and shares artistic and conceptual similarities to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

A bunch of weirdos compare the lengths of their scarves.

This Hawken mech pilot struck a pose just for my lil' iPhone. What a pro.

This is Blaster. He's the Autobots' answer to the Decepticons' Soundwave. He's a Transformer that turns into a boombox. Usually he fully turns into a boombox, but for some reason in this picture he only half-transformed, so he he's just a boombox with two stupid little legs. This image is from the G1 episode of The Transformers called "Quest for Survival." In it, Bumblebee and Cosmos travel to outer space to acquire an intergalactic pesticide they plan to use to kill the Insecticons. In the process, an invasive species of space-plant attaches itself to the Autobots. The Autobots unknowingly bring the robotic plants back to Earth and the robotic flora immediately proliferates and envelopes Cosmos, trapping the space-insecticide inside him. Blaster, Optimus Prime, and Inferno (the firetruck one) arrive on the scene to rescue the insecticide. Optimus tries to shoot the robo-plants and Inferno tries to freeze them, but nothing works. Eventually Blaster steps up, plays a funky track, and the plants really hate it. The Autobots then are able to grab the space insecticie, but that's just as the Decepticons arrive on the scene and immediately destroy it. Just when you think things can't get worse, the Insecticons swoop in. But guess what? The space-plants love eating robotic insects. So the weird Venus flytraps grab every single Insecticon with their vines and eat them. Just another day in the life of The Transformers. It's a super stupid show.

A group of 360 fans play a grueling match of Gears of War: Judgment.

Come back tomorrow to see more of the sights of PAX Prime 2012.