pax 2012

Seen At PAX 2012: Day One

by Tim Turi on Aug 31, 2012 at 06:44 PM

I spent the day wandering around PAX Prime 2012. Oh, the sights I've seen. This collection of photos from my first day at the show focuses on the bombastic booths and hordes of gamers itching to play unreleased games. Check out 2K's rad Borderlands 2 statues, a dude getting a mohawk, and a viral Resident Evil ad.

Folks eagerly await the show to open to the public... as I sneak by the lines one a media/exhibitor-only escalator.

This guy is the first thing PAX attendees see upon entering the show. Nice boots.

Give these guys more castles to crash, already.

Telltale's booth recreates memorable locations from The Walking Dead game.

Oh man, stuff goes down at the dairy farm in The Walking Dead: Episode 2.

The beautiful protagonists of Borderlands 2.

Dedicated wastelanders waited in line for over two hours to play.

Someone drank all the beer...

Nice boots.

Assassin's Creed III had a huge presence at Ubisoft's booth.

Microsoft's banners perfectly obscures the PlayStation logo. Coincidence? You be the judge.

A title so long it wouldn't even fit in frame.


More like Power of Too Many Paintbrushes. Sorry.

Monolith was giving away paper Gandolf hats to anyone who played Guardians of Middle-earth. None shall pass... a trashcan without throwing them out.

There was no dragon in this this dungeon. Actually, it was less of a dungeon and more of a PAX booth, now that I think of it.

This man refused to put his dog on a leash. We was just all like "...", and "that's a cat."

I thought the bathroom was a strange spot for this Resident Evil ad.

Ubisoft was offering free mohawks for booth attendees. Something I presume has to do with the Native American heritage of AC III's Connor.

A final shot of the show floor, with a weird junk-arch in the middle. Hmm.

Check back tomorrow for more shots from PAX 2012.