Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition Unboxing

by Kimberley Wallace on Aug 17, 2012 at 05:26 AM

Are you excited for Guild Wars 2? We share in that excitement, which is why when the Collector’s Edition turned up at the Game Informer office, we knew we had to share an unboxing with you. This shouldn’t be too painful for your yearning, since the game drops on the 28th (psst, you can get in three days early by prepurchasing a copy.) But here’s your chance to see what the collector’s edition is all about.

This is the giant box that showed up on my desk yesterday. Yep, that’s the 10-inch Rytlock figure in all its glory. I know you’re thinking one thing – get the him out of box already. Thankfully, I’m nice enough to oblige. 

Hiding beneath Rytlock was a collectable Guild Wars 2 metal tin featuring the world you’ll be exploring. There’s more to this tin than meets the eye, however.

The tin, just like the Guild Wars 2 world, is packed with surprises. Not only does it contain a beautiful custom art frame from the game, but it also has prints showing off monsters, characters, and the landscape. 

Did you think that was all? Not even close. The tin also houses 112-page artbook entitled, Making of Guild Wars 2 and the Best of Guild Wars 2 soundtrack. Oh, and how could we forget the game? That’s the most important part isn’t it? 

By ordering the collector’s edition, you’re also granted in-game items, including a Miniature Rytlock, Golem Banker, Tome of Influence, Chalice of Glory, and the Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite skill. 

Here’s one last look at this beastly collector’s edition in all its $149.99 entirety. Interested? Check out the official site for more information.