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Who's Who In Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel

by Dan Ryckert on Aug 08, 2012 at 10:00 AM

As the title implies, past Army of Two games have focused almost exclusively on two characters - Salem and Rios. We had occasional communication with Alice and run-ins with generic baddies, but virtually all of the screen time was dedicated to the two wisecracking meatheads. With Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel’s attempt to create a mature story, the original duo has been scooted slightly into the background in favor of two new protagonists. Read on to learn a bit about the cast of The Devil’s Cartel.


With an extensive background in the U.S. military’s special forces, Alpha is a natural fit for T.W.O. (Tactical Worldwide Operations). After arriving back in the States after numerous tours of duty, Tyson Rios recruited Alpha for his first stint as a mercenary. He plans on bringing his military-bred precision and efficiency to a new battleground.


Unlike Alpha, Bravo quickly learned that he wasn’t cut out to be in the U.S. military. He displayed raw talent and impressive reflexes during one tour in the Army, but decided that the by-the-books nature of the organization wasn’t for him. Bravo worked as a gun-for-hire for many years, offering his services to various private military companies around the world. After a high-profile urban rescue operation in the Balkans, Elliot Salem approached Bravo with a new opportunity working for T.W.O. 

Tyson Rios

Along with Salem, Rios is now operating as a top executive for Tactical Worldwide Operations. He plays a key role in recruiting new mercenaries, and he’ll also partake in on-the-ground operations. While we never saw him with a gun in his hand during our time with the game, Rios was frequently discussing the mission with Alpha and Bravo over their headsets. Despite his higher-level position in the organization, Rios still takes on the occasional mission with his old partner.

Elliot Salem

While EA assured us that Salem is in the game and is still part of the T.W.O.’s operations, we didn’t see or hear from him at any point during our time at the studio. Considering that the team declined to clarify which ending of The 40th Day (in which Salem could shoot Rios or vice versa) is canon, we’re left wondering if there might be some hard feelings between the two.

La Guadana

Translated to “The Scythe” in English, La Guadana is a terrifying cartel run by a man named Esteban Bautista. They supply drugs and guns out of their headquarters in La Puerta, Mexico, and few are willing to stand up against them. Even if someone did take a stand against La Guadana, they’d be cut down in short time thanks to its vast paramilitary presence. With their influence over La Puerta’s police force and political system, they’re a ominous force to be reckoned with.

Juan Angelo Cordova

Cordova is the mayor of La Puerta, a Mexican city terrorized by drug cartels. With his passionate anti-drug stance, he’s become a clear target for the La Guadana cartel. His family has been murdered, and control of his law firm has been wrestled away from him by the cartel. To prevent himself from being another victim of drug violence, Cordova enlists T.W.O. to protect him during a political rally at the outset of The Devil’s Cartel.