Meet Fall of Cybertron's Bruticus

by Matt Miller on Aug 06, 2012 at 12:45 PM

Transformers fans have only a few weeks left to wait until Fall of Cybertron arrives on August 21st. Though the game will offer plenty of new characters to play as, one of the most exciting options will be the ability to control the giant combiner robot known as Bruticus. 

High Moon Studios and Activision gave us an extended look at footage from the game as Bruticus rampages through a swath of Autobot attackers. In addition, one of the coolest things about the new game is the broad support that Hasbro is putting behind the game through a full line of Fall of Cybertron toys, including all five Combaticon figures that will combine into Bruticus. To help celebrate the connection between the upcoming game and its toy counterparts, we put together the following video, which integrates footage from the game and some close-up looks at the recent Comic-Con exclusive Bruticus toy, as well as a brief time-lapse as we transform the figure from its separate parts into one giant toy. The full set of figures, albeit with slightly different coloration, will go on sale at retail outlets soon. 

Take a look at our video below, and share your thoughts and enthusiasm for Fall of Cybertron in the comments below.