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New Splinter Cell Blacklist Screens

by Matt Miller on Jul 27, 2012 at 09:00 AM

A few weeks back, we offered a glimpse into the mind of Maxime Beland, the creative director of Splinter Cell Blacklist. This week, as a little bonus, we've got five new screens showing off some of the coolest elements of the new game. Just click on the pictures to enlarge each image. 

Stealth was originally the core experience of the Splinter Cell games, but recent installments have moved away from stealth and embraced a more action-oriented experience. Blacklist brings renewed focus on stealth gameplay, but also maintains the high-octane action gameplay seen in Conviction. Choice is paramount.

The demo we witnessed of Blacklist showed Sam as he infiltrates a terrorist camp while disguised as one of his enemies.

Taking a page from the success of the Assassin's Creed games, Splinter Cell Blacklist will include increased traversal options for Sam as he moves to new areas. In this sequence, Sam's movement up and across the cliff feels more fluid and speedy than in previous installments of the franchise.

Sam's movements in the new game now exhibit an increased sense of realism thanks to extensive motion capture work.

Combat feels tight and dangerous in Blacklist. In addition to his own skills, Sam Fisher can call on aid from the other members of Fourth Echelon, who can do things like send in an airstrike, or knock out all the lights in a building.

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