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Every Known Plot Point About Resident Evil 6

by Tim Turi on Jul 13, 2012 at 01:00 PM

Capcom has been releasing increasingly plot-heavy trailers for Resident Evil 6 since the game was announced earlier this year. Many of the big reveals in these trailers feel like outright spoilers, so we already know quite a bit about Resident Evil 6’s plot even before the game’s October release. To continue our month of exclusive content linked to our Hot 50 cover story, I’ve compiled everything from the trailer’s clear facts to my own speculation here. The result will sound like incoherent ramblings to non-fans, and just regular ramblings to RE nuts.

The President is dead and Leon’s partner played some part in it

Resident Evil 6 appears to open with the zombification and subsequent termination of the President by Leon. He was about to deliver a tell-all speech to the population of Tall Oaks revealing the truth behind the infamous Raccoon City incident. Leon’s partner Helena blames herself for the bio-terror attack that infected Tall Oaks population of 70,000 and the President. One trailer for RE 6 shows Helena tied to a chair while her and her sister look like they’re being tortured. Helena says she’ll do anything as long as her sister isn’t hurt. It’s unknown whether this torture session takes place before or after the attack on Tall Oaks. I believe it takes place before, and Helena agreed to help the bio-terrorists plot their attack on Tall Oaks in exchange for sparing her sibling’s life.

The bio-terror group is supposedly Neo-Umbrella

The group behind the C-Virus outbreaks in Tall Oaks, Lianshang, and The Republic of Edonia are supposedly the work of bio-terrorists Neo-Umbrella. Neo-Umbrella is obviously a callback to the nefarious pharmaceutical company Umbrella. It seems that scientist Derrick Simmons (above) is a member of Neo-Umbrella. Simmons worked with the President for 30 years, but appears to be a deceptive character. He seems to want to frame Leon and Helena for the zombie outbreak in Tall Oaks in order to keep his good name clear. This could be why Leon arranges for Hunnigan, his home base assistant, to arrange for the staging of his and Helena’s deaths in order to travel to China unhindered.

Ada could have a clone

Word on the street is that the woman pictured above, Carla Radames, may be a clone of Ada Wong. Ada is seen reading up on the woman in one of the RE 6 trailers. Clones inherently make things complicated, so we can’t be sure if this is actually Carla reading a file on herself after a hair job, or Ada researching her clone. I really, really hope we’re not dealing with an evil clone situation, but it could explain why Ada makes such a dramatic turn as a heel. She’s seen in the trailer alongside the huge Nemesis-like Ustanak, who leaves her alone. This could mean she is controlling the beast. Finally, one scene lays out the fact that Ada is responsible in some part for the outbreaks, and that Chris wants her dead or captured. Leon disarms Chris of his assault rifle and they draw their handguns on each other. Is this a moment of Leon’s intimate feelings for Ada clouding his judgment, or does he know something that Chris doesn’t (possibly clone-related)?

The Ustanak wants Jake’s blood

The huge muscular foe is seen chasing Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin across Europe. The demo for the game explains that the thing wants Jake’s blood. A previous trailer shows Ada explain to Jake that Wesker is his father, and that means he has very important blood. Could Jake’s blood be the cure to the C-Virus, or is it going to be used to create some other bio-organic weapon? Additionally, the Ustanak has wisps of blonde hair, hinting that the thing is likely a mutated human rather than some made-from-scratch abomination. The last time we saw a crazy huge enemy with hair, it was the freshly mutated Steve Burnside from Code Veronica. This is a stretch, but could Ustanak be some macabre version of Wesker? Assuming his charred body was salvaged from all the rockets and lava inflicted on him at the end of RE 5. The Resident Evil series is not above such a plot twist.

Chris became a drunk because of dead comrades

At the beginning of the RE 6 demo, Chris is wasting away in a bar getting drunk and insulting the staff. In the trailers it’s made clear that something dramatic happened to Chris which soured his outlook on life. Speculation suggests a group of BSAA agents died under his leadership, and he’s not dealing with it well. Previously, I theorized that Chris’ blind fury towards Ada in the trailers hinted that the femme fatale was solely responsible for his bad luck, but now Chris declares that he’s hunting for “the man behind all this,” which suggests that he has a vendetta against a male (possibly Simmons?). Ada could still be responsible in some way, but we’re still not sure what exactly happened to Chris.

The truth is coming soon

Fortunately, we don’t have to speculate long on the questions raised by Capcom’s generous Resident Evil coverage. The game arrives on October 2 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Share your own insights and burning questions in the comments below. Also be sure to check out our exclusive look at some revealing Resident Evil 6 screens.

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