Moments: Samus Aran And Link Appearing In Super Mario RPG

by Kyle Hilliard on Jun 22, 2012 at 01:00 PM

Often, the memories of our favorite video games can be distilled to one specific moment. In our new recurring 'Moments' feature, we're going to discuss some of our favorites.

When Samus Aran and Link showed up in Super Mario RPG, it was mind blowing. Despite Mario, Link, and Samus all being Nintendo characters, the three had never interacted with one another. These days, Mario, Link, and Samus are a couple of chums with Super Smash Bros., but before then, this was the only place you could see these Nintendo mascots hanging out in the same room.

Both cameos are of the characters in bed resting. Interacting with sleeping Link activated a familiar Zelda tune, and Samus talks in her sleep about Mother Brain. Cameos are pretty common these days with characters from games appearing in entirely different franchises as unlockables or special DLC, but back in 1996, we couldn't believe what was happening.

Thanks to YouTube user Carlitonsp1 for uploading the clip!