Overheard: Game Informer Staff Quotables #13

by Tim Turi on May 28, 2012 at 01:00 PM

The time has come once again. When we aren't writing informative previews, reviewing the newest games, or delivering new videos, we're usually saying really stupid things to one another. Because we don't like keeping secrets from our readers, we're pulling back the curtain once again to give you a glimpse behind the scenes at Game Informer. The topics of this edition of Overheard include inter-species intercourse, Dorito Tacos, and office romance.

Jeff M: “You should take her to go get Afghani pizza.”
Tim: “She doesn’t even like Chinese food.”
Jeff M: “She’s so racist!”

"You guys should rip off your shirts and wrestle.” – Ben Reeves [just being himself]

Jeff M: “How many aliens did you have sex with?”
Phil: “I had sex with 33 aliens, over three missions.”
Jeff M: “Nice…that’s a good ratio.”

“Spoiler: Harry kills f------ dips--- or whatever.” – Adam [on Harry Potter spoilers]

“Look at Tim just bustin’ nuts all over Kyle’s desk.” – Jeff M [regarding Tim eating pistachio nuts at Kyle’s desk]

[Ben Hanson shows Tim a sign for a beauty store called “Skinfood”]
Ben Hanson: “This sign terrified me when I first saw it. It looks like it could be for a restaurant.”
Tim: “Good food is only skin deep…”

Ben Reeves: “Hey Jeff M…?”
Ben Hanson: Yyyyes? [using a female voice to imitate Jeff M, who is away from his desk]
Ben Reeves:
Ben Reeves: …I’ve always loved you.

“I’m always freaked out when you’re not eating plastic.” – Andy to Jeff Cork

Tim: “Oh, wow. I actually broke a nail. Now I know what girls are talking about. Ouch.”
Kyle: “Are you okay? Do you need to go home early?”

"I love Super Boy. I do. I love Super Boy and I'm not ashamed to say it." – Matt Miller

"Transfar that Naked Snake into my mouth." – Adam

"Don't trust me, trust them." – Ben Reeves [trying to think of Reading Rainbow's "Don't take my word for it" phrase]

Ben Reeves: "'You should be more like Carrot Top', a sentence nobody has ever said before."
Jeff M:
"I've actually heard that one before."

[Tim debates whether or not to put something on his desk]
Tim: "I'm not sure if this would jive with everything else, I've got a theme going..."
Jeff Cork: "Manchild."

[Spit-balling names for XCOM story headlines]
Ben Hanson: "We should call it 'Everything you wanted to know about XCOM, but were afraid to ask."
Adam: "We might as well just call it 'Are you there God? It's me, XCOM.'"

Ben Reeves: "You could just shove that rectal thermometer right up my robot ass."

"You're the worst person alive. You are worse than Hitler. Did you watch the State of the Union last night?" [A natural segue from Jeff M while speaking to Ben Hanson]

Ben Reeves: “Haw haaaaawwwww!”
Tim: “What’s going on here?”
Ben Reeves: “I’m doing my impression of Ben Hanson’s laugh.”

"Too many pans in the fryer." – Ben Reeves

"I find Dan entertaining 95% of the time, and that other 5% he is just infuriating." – Jeff M

Ben Reeves: "Hey Jim, how was your trip to Vegas?"
Jim: "It was okay, my lips are still dry."
Ben Reeves: "Kissin' a lot of ass?"

"That's one small step for man..." – Ben Reeves [quoting Neil Armstrong, in a JFK impersonation]

[Adam discusses changes he made to one of Ben Reeves' articles]
"Hey Ben, I took out your joke about fat kids."
Ben Reeves: "But fat kids love ball pits. Is that insensitive? I feel like it's just recognizing their joy, their jolly nature."

"Nick and Norah's Infinite Castlevania: Bloodlines playlist." – Tim

Matt Miller: "Joe, it's almost like I'm trolling you at the same time that I'm trolling Dan."
Dan: "Everybody wins."

[Screams coming from Andy's office]
"Kinect, put in disc two. Kinect, disc two."

[On the audio-permeable wall seperating Andy and Matt Helgeson's offices]
Matt: "It might as well be made out of fruit roll-ups."
Jeff Cork: "It's like the 'Walk This Way' wall."

"This will move a lot of websites." – Jeff Cork [on getting a special guest on the GI podcast]

"You're not my real father! I want ice cream. Take me to the park." – Ben Reeves [Imagining Tony Hawk was his stepdad]

"Nooo!!! Damn you, God!" – Ben Reeves [Falling to his knees upon realizing that he could have gone to Taco Bell for lunch the day the Dorito Taco came out]

Ben Reeves: "Are you excited about your new iPad tomorrow? It will be like getting a new kid."
Jeff Cork: "Yeah, but stronger, faster...retina."

Ben Hanson: "Kato, you were in Metal Gear Solid 3! That's amazing!" [referring to the GI issue in the game]
Kato: "Yeah. Look at me now."

"www.angelfire.com/gameinformer" – Matt Helgeson

"Yeah, if you make love to Tali... I mean if you rub up against her scuba suit..." – Jeff Cork

"You're all a bunch of looney cakes." – Andy McNamara [talking to his staff]

"I mean... I was pretty hot and heavy making out with my NES in 1988." – Andy [Talking about PC gaming in the '80s]

Ben Reeves: "I'm going to bug her."
Ben Hanson: "Call her a little bugger."
Jeff Cork: "Call her sugar burger."