More Android Games You Should Be Playing

by Jeff Marchiafava on May 28, 2012 at 08:00 AM

Android owners still might not have as many gaming options as their iPhone-using friends, but here's a list of addictive titles to keep you busy.

The quality of Android games has improved drastically over the past year, with more big name games like Tiny Tower and Draw Something releasing sooner after their iOS counterparts. I'll just assume you already know of the big name games, and instead focus on titles you may have missed. If these aren't enough for you, here's an extra fifteen fun Android games worth checking out, plus seven more mobile games to boot.

Super Stickman Golf
I have no interest in the real sport of golf beyond shanking balls at the driving range and napping during the occasional televised match on the weekend. That said, I can't stop playing Super Stickman Golf. This colorful 2D game features a large collection of zany golf courses to duff your way through, along with a number of power-ups to make reaching par easier. If you haven't played it yet, do yourself a favor and download it right now.

Flick Golf!
Unlike real golf, Flick Golf! is comprised of nonstop, frantic action. In Flick Golf!, you tee off by swiping your finger up the screen. It's not super accurate, but you can put spin on the ball while it's airborne by furiously swiping at it. The game contains a couple of different modes, which will drain your battery in no time. Flick Golf! is the perfect game to play while watching actual golf.

Based on Might and Magic's Arcomage minigame, Archmage plays like a quicker, simplified version of Magic the Gathering. Each round you'll gain and play a new card, with the goal of destroying your opponents tower and building your own. It's not the prettiest game on this list, but each game plays out differently, making it an easy one to return to.

Basketball Shoot
Here's another simple but addictive game based on a real life sport. Basketball Shoot's game mechanics function similarly to Angry Birds, but instead of slingshotting ticked off fowl at block towers, you're trying to shoot baskets. You shoot ten shots each round, but each "clean" shot will award you an extra ball. The game is in desperate need of new modes, but it's still pretty entertaining.

Denki Blocks
This clever puzzle game tasks you with connecting similarly colored blocks by moving them around a board. The catch? You have to move all of the blocks at the same time. I realize that's not the most exciting description, but the Denki Blocks is surprisingly challenging. The game is also on sale until June 1 as part of the Because We May indie sale.

Reiner Knizia's Labyrinth
Another unique and challenging puzzle game, Labyrinth has you creating your own monster-filled hedge mazes by placing random tiles down on a board. Your goal is to create a path from the start point to the end, while maximizing how many treasure chests you pick up along the away, and avoiding as many enemies as possible.

Quote Unquote
Fans of crossword puzzles might want to check out Quote Unquote, which tasks players with finding the correct words to clues using groups of letters hidden within a famous quip. It's a smart little twist, and each puzzle takes considerably less time than a crossword.  

Princess Nuriko
Another game currently on sale in the Because We May indie sale, Princess Nuriko mashes up elements of Sudoku, Minesweeper, and Picross into one smart (and surprisingly pretty) puzzle game. Your job is to divvy up each level's land between different farmers based on how big their plots are supposed to be. Complete a puzzle and the level turns into a cute 3D farm. What more could you want?

If you haven't noticed yet, I like puzzle games. Your goal in Router is to connect the same-colored nodes by drawing lines in-between them. The lines can't overlap, however, and finding a way to connect all the points in the most efficient way possible becomes progressively challenging as you advance through the various levels.

Without a doubt, Zombro is a stupid, stupid name for a game. Luckily the actual gameplay makes up for it. This 2D platformer/puzzler requires you to maneuver a zombie through a series of deadly levels. In order to solve the environmental puzzles, you'll dismantle your undead friend to use each body part's unique ability, then stitch him back together at the end of the level. For being a brain-dead, shambling corpse, Zombro is actually pretty clever.

Know of any other mobile games Android users should check out? Share them in the comments below!