Question Of The Month Reader Responses: Issue #229

by Jeff Marchiafava on Apr 10, 2012 at 04:35 AM

A few months ago we asked readers what the greatest reward they've ever gotten in a video game is. We ran a couple of replies in the newest issue of Game Informer, but there were plenty more pieces of coveted loot and hard-earned achievements that readers pointed to as high points in their gaming careers. 

Greatness Achieved:

  • There is no better in-game reward than an Achievement. From pressing a button to completing a story on the highest difficulty, hearing the "bleep bloop" of an achievement pop makes my heart jump for joy. Seeing the number on my profile rise little by little has gives me such an amazing feeling.

    Chris Z.
  • The best achievement I have ever been rewarded would have to be "Perfect Recall" (30G), from the game Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, due to the fact that you have to complete all missions with the full synchronization (I have little patience for game glitches).  

    Jeffrey Landers
  • I'd have to say the "Over 9,000" achievement is the best award I've ever seen in a video game, and an awesome crossover reference. I felt like a super sayin!

  • The best reward I have gotten from a game was from a poorly done tragedy called Nier. The reward was an achievement called "Something Special" that gave me 200 points. How did I get this? After killing the last boss for I think my fourth time, I then had to kill my (wierd) partner. As She lay dying, I could save her by trading her life for my existance and make her into a real human. The choice can only be made if you get all the weapons in the game. I decided to save her, and I got the achievement. But, as I said above, I traded my existence. My profile was completely erased slowly as it showed everything in my menu disappearing. I then proceeded to the nearest game store and traded it in. 

    David Rollins
  • No amount of random purple swords or unlimited ammo unlocks will ever be a greater reward than laughter. I've never laughed as hard playing a game then when I unlocked the "Easiest.achievement.ever." achievement in The Simpsons Game, by Pressing start to play it.

    John Paul Mejia

Weapons Of Mass Elation:

  • The best reward I have received was in Skyrim. It's the Elven Bow of Frost. It does 20 damage, and for a low level character, it's not a bad bow! It's a constant reminder to keep exploring.

    Sidney Ordoyne 
  • I'd have to go with the RYNO V from Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Honestly, who wouldn't want a machine gun rocket launcher?

    Lance Maynard
  • If I had to choose, my favorite video game reward would be the STAG V-TOL from Saints Row: The Third. I really love the built-in lasers and the fact that I can pretty much take it anywhere without worrying I'll get blown to bits (at least not for a while).

    Matt Mercado
  • Without a doubt, the best reward I've ever gotten from a game is also from one of my favorite games ever, Skyward Sword. Getting the Goddess Sword and being able to summon Fi, dowse for important items, and use skyward strikes expanded my abilities tremendously and let me know I was the chosen one. But why can't I kill Groose?

    Max Bograd
  • The best reward I can remember in a video game was the lightsaber in Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. After slogging through all of the first Dark Forces game and through the first part of Dark Forces II, it was so cool to finally be able to wield a lightsaber and to start learning Force powers!  Other newer games have perhaps done a better job of presenting lightsaber battles, but most of them give you the saber much earlier in the game.  Having to fight without it for so long in the Dark Forces series made it all the more special.

    John Enfield


  • At first I thought my favorite reward was the lightsaber in SWTOR. Then I considered my Might Bracers, the first epic I got at 60 in WoW. I remembered the Claws of Hades from GoW3, the Master Sword from Ocarina of Time, and the G11 from Call of Duty. Then it hit me. All of these are nothing compared to the best reward I ever got in a video game: getting my dog back at the end of Fable II. Because weapons and gear are nice, but you can't replace your best friend.

    Abi Conway

Mask Effect:

  • The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal from Oblivion.  Because it's like the Superman/Clark Kent thing. I can steal right in front of someone, take my mask off and they have no clue who did it!

    Jeremiah Mackey
  • My absolute favorite reward would have to be the Great Deity mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. There was just something about being able to change Link from a kid to an adult dressed in white with face-paint and wielding the Great Fairy Sword that is empowering. And awesome. It made it worth it to go back and fight some of the bosses again, and it made that final boss about a hundred times easier.

    A Jenson

More Zelda Love:

  • A sword through Ganondorf's skull in Wind Waker...because what could be better after hours of sailing around to fund Tingle's strange slavery ring?

    Brett Gilbert
  • The best reward in a game was getting to replay The Legend of Zelda with an all new layout after completing it the first time. Why? Well, it was just that good and I didn’t want it to end. These days, in order to prolong the magic of a game, I play it almost all the way through and then start all over. Sick? Yes. But it feels so good.

    Marie Olt
  • My favorite reward is the heart container. I can't even begin to explain the feeling of accomplishment when I collect all four pieces of a heart or beat another tough boss and get rewarded with a bit of extra health. 

    Paul Cwian

The Student Becomes The Master:

  • The best reward I've ever received in a video game is killing Lady Kagami as Rikimaru in Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins. Not only do you get to single-handedly eliminate the head of your arch-enemy's clan, an arrogant kunoichi who brainwashes your master, but you get to watch Rikimaru take his final step in becoming a master, all of which is accompanied by some bad-ass music.

    Joe Gercak

A Cornucopia Of Rewards:

  • The best rewards I ever got were everything I received when I beat the Halo 3 campaign on Legendary. Not only did I receive 250 gamerscore (I got the Heroic achievment as well), but I also got EOD armor for my spartan (my favorite) and Flight armor for my Elite. But perhaps the coolest reward was to see Chief step into the cryo pod, and tell Cortana to, "wake me up when you need me." That was awesome!

    Tommy Lang

The Circle Of Life:

  • I have to say that unlocking more games in Animal Crossing for just playing the game is the sweetest reward any game could offer.

    Philip Hanan

Jokes And Jokes And Jokes...:

  • The best reward I've ever gotten in a video game is when I won a cool million dollars in Majesco's "Advent Rising."Oh, wait...

    Adam Kupka

The Greatest Award Of All:

  • The best reward I have received is not really a reward at all. It is the "Games Completed" list on my 360 Dashboard. I love seeing the mini 10-20 point rewards, but knowing I have done 100% of everything there is to do in a game makes me feel as though I've maximized my investment.

    Michael Quintas II

What's your favorite video game reward? Share your memories in the comments section below.