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George Washington, Gaming's Next Secret Ingredient?

by Jeff Cork on Mar 09, 2012 at 09:22 AM

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It may seem a little strange, but George Washington has been cropping up everywhere in games these days. Our first president is an important figure in Ubisoft's upcoming Assassin's Creed 3, and a clockwork version of Mr. Washington is one of the new enemy types in BioShock Infinite. Don't forget his role in The Conduit 2, either. Could George Washington be the Next Big Thing in gaming, joining the ranks of mainstays such as bald space marines, crash-prone helicopters, and the almighty exploding barrel? Let's take a look at how his presence could make just about everything better.

By now, you've trained bears to juggle and have jungle cats eating from the palm of your hand. For a real challenge, see if you can get George Washington to catch a Frisbee with his mouth or chase after your radio-controlled Warthog. Don't forget to keep his wig nice and clean!

Commander Shepard has his work cut out for him in Mass Effect 3. Staving off the Reaper threat is enough to make any strategist sweat. Fortunately, help is on the way thanks to a new DLC pack. As former commander in chief of the Continental Army, George Washington knows a thing or two about military tactics. Here's hoping the Reapers stand in an evenly spaced row and fire en masse.

With Journey, thatgamecompany explores the nature of isolation and human relationships. Also, George Washington. 

It might not seem fair to pack a firearm in a fighting tournament, but when you can't thrown fireballs you have to make due. George Washington may not have the street-fighting notoriety as famed grappler Abraham Lincoln, but he can hold his own against dorks like Dan Hibiki.

Resident Evil 6? More like Presi--- oh never mind. George Washington plus zombies? Sold. Which leads us to...

If Presidents Nixon and Kennedy can fight zombies together in Call of Duty: Black Ops, why is time travel suddenly off the table? Just pretend that Mr. Washington cut down a cherry tree that exposed some kind of time tunnel. Problem solved, continuity restored, zombies slain.

Kids seem to enjoy the heck out of Skylanders. Why not parlay that enthusiasm into a lesson in early presidential politics? Put this special George Washington figurine on your Portal of Power, and watch as Washington springs to life in the game. Lord Chaos is no match for George's wooden teeth, and kids will learn a thing or two along the way.

Bionic Commander would have been better if you fought George Washington instead of Adolph Hitler Master-D. We all know this is true.


Special thanks to art director Tom Blustin for his George Washington skills!