Replay – GoldenEye 007

by Andrew Reiner on Jan 27, 2012 at 04:18 PM

Welcome to Replay’s second season! While it may seem arbitrary to end a season after two years and over 100 episodes, we’ve never been sticklers for making sense or following rules.

I came up with the idea of a second season over a year ago, but wanted to bat around ideas with the Replay crew regarding new elements to make sure Season 2 wasn’t just a logo change. While this is still the same Replay you know and love, we’re going to have more fun with the second segment. We enjoyed taking shorter looks at our Roulette games, but we wanted more creative freedom for the second segment. Dan, Tim and I have thrown around dozens of new ideas – ranging from the informative to the insane – and we like the idea of our viewers not knowing what the second segment will be. We’ll still do Roulette on occasion, but as you’ll see in the weeks ahead, you’ll frequently be met with surprises.

After viewing our lengthy look at GoldenEye 007, a highly requested title from our viewers and Replay cast, you’ll get the first taste of the type of things we can do with this second segment. It’s one of our wackier ideas, and there’s a chance it won’t return, but we’d like to create an air of unpredictability with each episode as we move forward.

The Replay crew extends big thanks to Game Informer alumni Thomas Blustin for his tireless work on creating Replay’s new logo, and Joe Kane of Joe Kane Design for the new animated intro. As always, this show wouldn’t be anything special without the video and audio expertise of Ben Hanson and Jason Oestreicher.

Enjoy the episode and please let us know what you think of our new direction in the comments section below!

Before you venture off to do something meaningful today, feel free to check out our back catalog of two years of Replay.