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Dissecting A Classic: How To Modernize X-COM

by Ben Hanson on Jan 24, 2012 at 07:00 AM

Recreating and updating a classic game isn't easy, especially when the original is your favorite game of all time. The lead designer of XCOM: Enemy Unknown is Jake Solomon. It's his job to pick apart the original game and update the key ingredient for a 2012 audience. X-COM fanboys will no doubt object to any and all changes from the original formula, but Solomon is quick to stress his own allegiance to the 1994 PC title. There's a reason behind every change, Firaxis Games understands what makes a strategy game enjoyable and, as Jake Solomon puts it, they're "as hardcore as it gets." Watch the video below to learn how the new XCOM will play and what components from the original title made the cut.

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