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The Unsettling Music Of XCOM: Enemy Unknown

by Ben Hanson on Jan 16, 2012 at 05:00 AM

Roland Rizzo has been working with the XCOM series since the beginning. Originally in the QA department for the first X-COM title, Roland immediately fell in love with the spooky atmosphere of the game. A large part of that classic tone was created by the first game's composer, John Broomhall. Some tracks have aged better than others, but the Micropose team's work is legendary. Now Roland Rizzo is the audio lead for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and is tasked with reimagining and updating the aural tone of the original. Taking cues from the first X-COM's soundtrack and alien sound design, the audio team at Firaxis Games is creating something current yet true to the original. Check out the video below to hear examples of the aural atmosphere being created for XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In addition, enjoy the two new exclusive screenshots in the media gallery below.

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