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video feature

Why Firaxis Loves X-COM

by Ben Hanson on Jan 06, 2012 at 06:20 AM

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The original X-COM was a masterpiece, and nobody is quicker to acknowledge that than XCOM: Enemy Unknown's lead designer Jake Solomon. He cites the original title as his favorite game of all time and he wanted to make sure that the rest of the team at Firaxis understood why the 1994 PC title is so beloved. Many at the studio also cherished the classic title, but anybody that wasn't familiar with it was put on a crash course to absorb every detail. The first X-COM has the scope, depth, and atmosphere to survive the test of time, and the team at Firaxis is approaching the reimagining of the game for 2012 with humility and extreme caution. In this video, the art director, producer, and lead designer for XCOM: Enemy Unknown share their experiences with the original game and talk about the process of dissecting and analyzing a masterpiece.

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