What You'll Find In South Park

by Bryan Vore on Dec 21, 2011 at 06:36 AM

Find out what you'll be collecting and using to bash other kids with in the world of South Park.

When Obsidian first began creating items, armor, and weapons for South Park: The Game, the team made all kinds of fancy swords and impressive garb. When South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone saw these, they immediately told them to "make it crappier." The idea is that most of the items are things that the kids found and/or made themselves, imagining that they are a gallant knight or wizard. In early demos we saw, weapons included golf clubs, tack hammers, suction cup arrows, wooden swords, and more. Costumes ranged from bathrobes to towel capes to oven mitt gloves. We're told that the game will eventually go beyond the live-action role playing style to a more serious threat – well, as serious as things get in South Park, at least.

Either way, the kids will actually be smacking the crap out of each other. Anyone who's seen the episode "Good Times with Weapons" has an idea of the tone of the combat. The kids will have fantastical, imagination-enhanced battles, but people will still get hurt (think Butters with a throwing star in the eye).

Plenty of collectibles will be strewn about the environment in South Park, as well. The most prominent items we saw were various Chinpokomon, known from an episode of the same name in season three of the show. These Pokémon parodies took the town of South Park by storm, but there were plenty of the toy designs left on the cutting room floor. Obsidian has access to all of the legacy assets from all 15 seasons, including never-before-seen Chinpokomon.

As anyone who's played an Obsidian RPG already knows, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to loot. Just keep your eyes peeled for these small details when THQ releases new screens and trailers down the road.

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