Gingers, Gnomes, And Goths: The Factions Of South Park

by Bryan Vore on Dec 14, 2011 at 06:30 AM

The world of South Park is full of various groups that translate perfectly to RPG factions.

In South Park: The Game, players will battle against or perform quests for all kinds of factions, which will raise or lower their standing with each group. Several of these potential factions have appeared on our cover and in screenshots in our latest issue. Though it's unclear how they'll play out in the game at this point, we've compiled a list of factions that have appeared in our cover story and some that we hope will make it into the game. Click on the links for episodes and clips from SouthParkStudios.com (warning: adult content). Don't forget to check out the South Park hub for more on the game.


We'd guess Cartman would like nothing more than to join your party and join in the beat down of his oldest enemy. Watch out for their protest sign melee attacks.

Ginger Kids

Gingers will probably be stronger at night. Hopefully, there will be light enchanted weapons that harness the power of the sun to target their weakness.

Vampire Kids

These kids aren't really vampires so you shouldn't have to worry about bites. Just keep them away from the curative properties of Clamato.


These kids are seemingly identical to the vampires except they drink coffee and smoke cigarettes. Be sure to tell them that to trigger a berserker rage.


As if Hooters wasn't already creepy enough, Raisins hires only tween girls. If battle breaks out in this restaurant, be wary of their charm spells and subtle back and arm touches. Before you know it, your wallet will be completely empty.

Crab People

If metrosexual dudes show up in the game, don't be surprised if they transform into crab people partway through the fight. Special attack? Crab makeovers.

Underpants Gnomes

Hope you didn't have a rare set of underpants equipped because if you've seen one of these guys running around they're already gone.


We're hoping these hyper-annoying Jar Jar Binks-inspired creatures aren't allowed to multiply. Otherwise, you'll be fighting an army in no time.


The stronghold for the North American Man/Boy Love Association would be a dangerous dungeon, but being able to summon the North American Marlon Brando Look-Alikes to your side would help even the odds.


These guys will surely ruin tranquil scenes with their loud, obnoxious motorcycles. Try not to pay them any attention. It only encourages them more.