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Watch Game Informer Demolish Cars With A Tank And Shoot Guns

by Tim Turi on Nov 23, 2011 at 07:00 AM

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If you were to drive by Kasota, Minnesota, a sleepy town of only 675, you wouldn't guess that mighty steel beasts and a militia's worth of firearms lay in wait for adventure seekers. Game Informer had the privilege of visiting Drive a Tank, a destination for thrill seekers, would-be tank pilots, and folks with an appreciation for things that go bang. Come along with Jeff Cork and myself as we blast away hapless paper targets with all manner of firearms and obliterate a luxury sedan with a 50 ton tank.

If you didn't pick up on our starry-eyed joy in the video, Jeff and I had a blast at Drive a Tank. It's an easy recommendation for anyone who has spent countless hours driving tanks in Battlefield 3 and other military shooters. Owner and operator Tony Borgolum's collection of historical and modern firearms is enough to make any FPS fan salivate. I lost my mind when he showed me guns I've been familiar with since Wolfenstein 3D. You can test out every Medal of Honor soldier's arsenal by blasting away with a Thompson and Colt .45. We also shot an uzi, fully automatic 9mm Beretta, M4, Sten, and many more. Tony's personal appreciation of video games combined with his deep knowledge of firearms helped him set us up with the gun selection that would best sooth our itchy trigger fingers.

I was convinced driving a tank would be too complex for me up until the very moment I was behind the controls. Honestly, the mechanics in Metal Gear Solid are more complex than steering a war-tempered juggernaut over hills and through water. Oh yeah, and it turns out flattening a car into sheet metal is about as cathartic as it gets.

Gamers with an appreciation for driving tanks and shooting guns don't have many options when it comes to doing both at the same place. If you want to test your skills in real life, look no further than Drive a Tank.