Amusing Skyrim Glitches Caught On Video

by Adam Biessener on Nov 18, 2011 at 08:22 AM

This collection of user-made Skyrim glitch videos is guaranteed to make you laugh. You don't want to know how many cringe-worthy YouTube uploads I had to sift through to find videos actually worth watching.

Giants Are Not To Be Messed With
The most well-known bug in Skyrim is still one of the funniest. This particular video is easily the best example of the phenomenon out of dozens of far lamer offerings.

Horse Rocket!
At first you think it's another boring video showing how horses don't interact with slopes at all realistically. Then this Skyrimmer jumps on a dragon. Then the fun starts.

100% Unbreakable Stealth
I take it back, this might be the most well-publicized foible in Skyrim. You call it a glitch, I call it creative use of gameplay mechanics.

Team Fortress 2 Mode
Give Skyrim a cel-shaded look with this crazy set of .ini tweaks. That's right, you don't even have to mod the game to do this. Technically this isn't a glitch, but it's awesome so I'm sharing it with you. Note that GI does not approve of stacking corpses on top of cooking fires, even if they look cartoony.

Horse UFO!
You know how it is: You're wandering the woods, picking flowers and catching butterflies that are totally necessary to this whole saving-the-world thing. Then a guy on a horse shows up. Then the horse...levitates?

At Least You Didn't Lose Much Progress
The Imperials can't manage to keep their provinces under control for very long if the Elder Scrolls series is any indication, but they can at least drive a cart through a gate most of the time. Most of the time.

Adventures In Disrespecting The Dead
Setting corpses up in funny poses is practically its own mini-game in Skyrim (or any game that has ragdoll physics, really). Gamers are classy like that. This video, however, uses the power of 50 Cent to really up the level of posthumous denigration. Be warned, this really isn't in what you'd call good taste.