The Best (And Strangest) Skyrim Mods

by Kyle Hilliard on Nov 16, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Skyrim is a great game regardless of which platform you’re playing it on. PC gamers, however, get the added bonus of being able to mod their games to their liking. If you’re too impatient to level up your lock picking, simply mod the game to give you an unbreakable lock pick. If you don’t find the children creepy enough for your liking, mod the game so they all wear inexplicable clown make-up. The most popular mods are designed to help the game with stability, or increase the resolution of certain textures, but there are others that change the game in strange ways, or simply add a feature that you wished Bethesda had implemented to begin with.

Here’s a list of some of the most interesting ones that have made their way to the internet.

Customized characters

I know my biggest problem with Skyrim has been that it isn’t a Zelda game. Skyward Sword comes out on Sunday, but if you simply can’t wait to swing a sword as Link, use this mod to create a character that sort of looks like him without a cap and swing your free arm around while you click the mouse. The Rorschach mod is a little better, as it lets you wear the iconic mask from the Watchmen comic with little need for imagination. It’s worth noting that Skyrim is played best from the first-person perspective, so you actually don’t see your character model much.

Dirt and chest hair

Did anybody turn up the dirt on their created character when starting Skyrim? I thought it was a strange option, and stranger still that you couldn’t get rid of it completely. It is cold in Skyrim though, and without heated water, I can imagine showering is a distant, distant priority. There are separate mods for removing the dirt from men and women, and there is also an option to add more chest hair.

The chest hair mod has only been created from male characters, unfortunately.


In the case of these mods, it looks like Skyrim players simply found the world to be too friendly and inviting. With these you can make clown make-up appear on all the children (finally!), and make sure that when dogs look at you they stare deep into your soul making you question whether or not there is something better you could have done with all the time you’ve spent hunting dragons. Modders have also created two different types of hellish, terrifying moons.

Animal rights

These mods appeal to very specific sorts of gamers: the gamer who loves rabbits, or the gamer who hates spiders. I am not sure if those two groups of Skyrim players intersect or not, but there are mods available to them if they do. You will find dead rabbits hanging throughout Skyrim, and the no rabbits mod simply replaces them with pheasants. The no spiders mod works similarly in that it replaces spiders with awkwardly animated bears. It offers those suffering from arachnophobia relief.


This is a simple mod that would have been nice to have as part of the game. One of the greatest bragging points of playing any Elder Scrolls title, is to share how many hours you have logged.  To log 100 hours is not uncommon, and to have a little timer pop up on every loading screen would be a rewarding reminder that could accompany an otherwise annoying aspect of the game.

Might as well jump

I like this one because you can set your standard jump to go so high, that it’s impossible to survive the fall. That’s just funny in a tragic sort of way.

My Little Pony

My Little Pony is a cartoon show. Those five words comprise all of my knowledge of My Little Pony, and I’m not even entirely sure if that is accurate. It does have a following on the internet, though (something else I know about My Little Pony) and these mods allow you to bring your fandom of the show into another world entirely. You can make your horse look like a My Little Pony, and when you’re tired of travelling through Skyrim on your pink bedazzled steed, you can take a nap in your My Little Pony bed.

There are new Skyrim mods popping up every day. Have you found any that you thought were worth a mention here that we neglected? Sound off below, and make sure to read our review of Skyrim by clicking here.