The Technology Behind Rainbow 6 Patriots

by Jeff Cork on Nov 14, 2011 at 08:45 AM

Technology is the linchpin that allows artists, designers, and writers to see their visions transformed into a playable game. In spite of their importance, talk about game engines, AI subroutines, and facial-capturing techniques can also be a pretty dry subject. Fortunately for viewers, the team at Ubisoft Montreal does a great job of hitting on these topics and more in a lively discussion.

We sat down with Philippe Therien (lead designer, single player), Brent George (animation director), and David Sears (creative director) to discuss repurposing the Anvil engine (made famous by Assassin's Creed) for a first-person shooter, the hardcore realism they are bringing to the weaponry, and their plans for giving your squad members more personality through stronger character performances and situational artificial intelligence. The guys were a lot of fun to talk to, and their enthusiasm definitely shows in the video.

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