Rainbow 6 Patriots: Advancing The Narrative In Shooters

by Matt Bertz on Nov 11, 2011 at 08:00 AM

For many shooters, the story campaign by default takes a backseat to the destination multiplayer modes. Not so with Rainbow 6 Patriots. Given the storytelling pedigree of its namesake, Tom Clancy, the team at Ubisoft Montreal wants to raise the bar of expectation for shooter narratives and force you to think about the moral repercussions of your actions on the battlefield. Are you comfortable in your role as a counter-terrorist if it means stooping down to the level of the terrorists you're after?

Here creative director David Sears and narrative director Richard Rouse talk about their motivation for the new plot:

To achieve its goals, the dev team is taking a new approach to narration by moving away from cutscenes and embracing shifting perspectives. In this video, Sears and Rouse discuss the inspiration for this new direction and shed light on the collaborative process of game storytelling.

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