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The Legend Of Zelda's Top Ten Items

by Dan Ryckert on Sep 21, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Destroying bosses, exploring dungeons, and solving puzzles are all crucial elements of the Zelda series, but finding new items might be the most exciting of them all. Considering that a new item could be the key to destroying that boss, exploring that dungeon, or solving that puzzle, collecting them is the most important part of any Zelda game. Whether they're an awesome weapon to add to your arsenal, a way to cross a seemingly uncrossable gap, or just a container for that crucial fairy, these items are the best in the long-running franchise.

10. The Spinner

Most of Link's items are either weapons to attack enemies or tunics and shields to defend himself. While the Spinner does minimal damage to enemies, it's primarily useful as a navigation tool. In the Arbiter's Grounds dungeon, Link can ride it like a skateboard through various grooves in the walls. Not only does it help you get around the dungeon, but it's also utilized in the awesome boss fight against the skeleton Stallord.


9. Bottles

No item in the Zelda franchise is more versatile than a simple bottle. It can save you from death if a fairy is enclosed, house a useful killer bee in A Link to the Past, trap Poes, and even reflect magic back at several of the series' bosses. Collecting all four of these in any Zelda game isn't a requirement, but they'll make your journey much easier.


8. Blast Mask

Bombs are one of the trademarks of the Zelda series, appearing in virtually every entry. In most of the games, you have to spend time cutting grass and looking under pots if you run out of bombs. Majora's Mask features the Blast Mask, however, which essentially gives you infinite bombs any time you want. Hitting the B button with this mask on literally makes your face explode, but there's a way to escape taking damage. Simply hold up Link's shield before hitting B, and you've got yourself a harmless face bomb at the press of a button.


7. Clawshot

I was originally going to put the Hookshot in this spot, but Twilight Princess featured its greatest form - the Clawshot. With one of them, it functions identically to the standard Hookshot, allowing you to pull items towards you and yourself towards certain objects. Later in the game, you acquire the Double Clawshot, which allows you to navigate the City in the Sky with ease. With it, you can attach yourself to one surface while preparing to fling yourself at another. We love getting any form of the Hookshot, but it was at its best in Twilight Princess.


6. Boomerang

Another item that's been around since the beginning, the boomerang has always been useful as both a weapon and a tool for collecting items. In most cases, it stuns standard enemies and collects far-away rupees and hearts. In some games, alternate versions of the boomerang are available. Both The Legend of Zelda and A Link to the Past feature upgraded magic boomerangs, Majora's Mask features a special Zora boomerang, and Twilight Princess features the Gale Boomerang, which creates miniature tornados. In terms of gameplay, Wind Waker changed its function by allowing the boomerang to lock onto multiple targets, and the DS titles allowed you to draw its path. No matter its form or function, the boomerang is always one of the best additions to Link's item screen.


5. Bunny Hood

Majora's Mask features 24 different magic masks, but I'm willing to bet most players used this one the most. While most of the others were fairly situation-specific, the Bunny Hood was one that always helped. Granting Link the ability to run faster, this was a massive help whether you were trying to cross a large area, get away from an approaching enemy, or just trying to get to your destination faster. In Ocarina of Time, many players constantly rolled in an effort to make him move faster. In Majora's Mask, it's just a matter of putting on a silly hat and sprinting across the land.


4. Bombs

It wouldn't be possible to make it through most Zelda games without this multi-purpose trademark of the series. Found all over Hyrule, this weapon can open new paths, take down boss characters, help you discover secret caves in the overworld, or stop a rolling Goron. Just make sure you don't pull one out of your Skyward Sword item bag if you're on fire.

3. Pegasus Boots

Most of Link's upgrades are in the form of offensive weapons (swords, bows, bombs, etc) or defensive bonuses (new tunics). Very little are tied to navigation, however. Zora's flippers are nice when you want to go swimming, but you'll get far more use out of the Pegasus Boots. Found in Link to the Past and Link's Awakening, these allow you to sprint across the screen with the press of a button. Link runs in place like a cartoon for a second or two, then dashes forward with his sword outstretched, ready to ram any jerk that gets in your way.


2. Bow

Another staple of the series, the bow is required for many puzzles and crucial against many enemies. In fact, it's frequently the tool you'll use to take down the franchise's final bosses. Near the end of games like Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, you'll receive upgrades to your arrows (magic arrows, light arrows), that are powerful enough to kill Ganon himself. With its varied uses, the bow is one of the best (and most frequent) Zelda items.


1. Fierce Deity Mask

Many of the items on this list are Zelda regulars, but the Fierce Deity mask only appeared in Majora's Mask. Restricting its use even more is the fact that you don't receive it until the very end of the game, and that's only if you've done virtually every sidequest in Termina. Even with over 20 other masks in the game, this is without a doubt the best, turning child Link into a ridiculously powerful version of himself. It can only be used against bosses, but you'll never feel as powerful as the character as you will when he's heaving homing laser beams out of his sword. Going back to previous boss battles was fun once you got this mask, but I'd personally love to see a Zelda game in which you have more frequent access to this form.